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Saturday, 24 June 2017

California adds 4 states to travel ban for laws it says discriminate against LGBTQ community

quote [ California has issued a ban on state-funded and state-sponsored travel to four more states that it says have laws discriminating against LGBTQ people.
Alabama, South Dakota, and Texas all recently passed legislation that could prevent LGBT parents from adopting or fostering children and Kentucky passed a religious freedom bill that would allow students to exclude LGBTQ classmates from campus groups.
The law bans state-funded or state-sponsored travel by employees of state agencies and departments as well as members of boards, authorities, and commissions. ]

California is clearly out of touch with heartland Christian values in Real America.

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Friday, 23 June 2017

The key to jobs in the future is not college but compassion

quote [ Human jobs in the future will be the ones that require emotional labour: currently undervalued and underpaid but invaluable

A growing real-world demand for workers with empathy and a talent for making other people feel at ease requires a serious shift in perspective. It means moving away from our singular focus on academic performance as the road to success. It means giving more respect, and better pay, to workers too often generically dismissed as ‘unskilled labour’. And, it means valuing skills more often found among working-class women than highly educated men. ]

Instead of retraining low-paid caregivers to be high-paid tech workers, maybe pay them what they're actually worth (a lot).

It's the only thing we can do better than the machines.

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Inside Canada's Armed, Anti-Islamic 'Patriot' Group

quote [ They call themselves the Three Percent. They're armed, say they're ready for war on Canadian soil, and experts say they are dangerous.

An eight-month VICE Canada investigation into the inner workings of the group has found it to be a tight-knit openly anti-Islamic group that is unique in Canada's far-right ecosystem—one that, as one expert puts it, seems to be a "wholesale lift of an American militia." During VICE Canada's investigation, the group's rhetoric and tactics rapidly escalated from virulently anti-Islam online posturing to IRL monitoring of mosques, live fire paramilitary-style training, claiming to buy land, and plans for creating smoke and flash bombs. ]

This may dash my plan for escaping north when TSHTF.

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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Sega launches free retro game collection for iPhone and Android

quote [ Sega is bringing some of its best retro games to your smartphone. Today the company announced a new service called Sega Forever, which is essentially a lineup of classic games from the company that will be available on both iOS and Android. Each game will be available for free — you can pay $1.99 to turn off ads — and will include modern features like cloud saves, Bluetooth controller support, and online leaderboards. (Sega notes, however, that you can still play each game offline.) ]

Finally, a use for that smartphone.

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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

South Korean Web Hosting Provider Pays $1 Million in Ransomware Demand

quote [ Nayana, a web hosting provider based in South Korea, announced it is in the process of paying a three-tier ransom demand of nearly $1 million worth of Bitcoin, following a ransomware infection that encrypted data on customer' servers. ]

Seems to be taking a long time for the word to get around. It's no longer safe to use that old hardware, running years-old OS facing the internet.

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

It’s so hot in Phoenix, planes can’t take off

quote [ The heatwave in the Southwest is so bad that American Airlines had to cancel 50 flights

American Airlines said it cancelled 50 flights out of Phoenix Sky Harbor aboard Bombardier CRJ aircraft on Tuesday because the planes can’t operate above 118 degrees.

Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas are forecast to be within striking distance of all-time records. All eyes will be on Phoenix, which is ground zero for the heat wave. Temperatures are forecast to climb to 120 degrees on Tuesday, just 2 degrees shy of its all-time record ]

Seems a little early for this, summer hasn't started yet.

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Monday, 19 June 2017

GOP Data Firm Accidentally Leaks Personal Details of Nearly 200 Million American Voters

quote [ The data leak contains a wealth of personal information on roughly 61 percent of the US population. Along with home addresses, birthdates, and phone numbers, the records include advanced sentiment analyses used by political groups to predict where individual voters fall on hot-button issues such as gun ownership, stem cell research, and the right to abortion, as well as suspected religious affiliation and ethnicity. The data was amassed from a variety of sources—from the banned subreddit r/fatpeoplehate to American Crossroads, the super PAC co-founded by former White House strategist Karl Rove. ]

If you have some data that *hasn't* been leaked, just hand it over already.

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Finsbury Park Mosque: Man dies as van hits pedestrians

quote [ One person is arrested as emergency services deal with a "major incident" in Finsbury Park, north London.

A man has died and eight people have been injured after a van struck a crowd of pedestrians near a north London mosque.

A 48-year-old man was arrested following the collision near Finsbury Park Mosque in Seven Sisters Road ]

Brits are having a rough year.

So, terrorism or bad appleism?
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Saturday, 17 June 2017

7 American Sailors Missing After Navy Destroyer Collision

quote [ The USS Fitzgerald collided with a Philippine-flagged container ship

(YOKOSUKA, Japan) — U.S. and Japanese vessels and aircraft were searching Saturday for seven American sailors who were missing after their Navy destroyer collided before dawn with a container ship four times its size off the coast of Japan. ]

How the fuck can this even happen?
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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The Hard Truth Keeps Trickling Out, Little by Little

quote [ It increasingly looks like Russian hackers may have affected actual vote totals.
We are creeping ever closer to actual evidence that there was Russian ratfcking of the vote totals in the last election. Not long ago, people wouldn't even suggest that out loud.
The Russians wanted to undermine the confidence Americans had in their elections? We made it pretty damn easy to do that. ]

How will we deal with it when it finally becomes undeniable that the current US government was not legitimately elected?

Original Bloomberg reporting in extended.

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