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Monday, 19 February 2018

RightEye's portable eye-tracking test catches concussions and reading problems in five minutes

quote [ It turns out there’s quite a lot you can tell from how someone’s eyes move. We ... all vary in how and how well we execute a number of basic tasks, from flicking our eyes back and forth to smoothly tracking a moving target.

RightEye tracks these movements with a custom device that looks a bit like an all-in-one desktop... A basic EyeQ (as they call it) test takes five minutes or so, with more specialized tests adding only a few more, and results are available immediately. ]

I've been watching Olympic snowboarders, now I have concussion on the brain.

In extended, two other brand new methods of instant concussion diagnosis, one with blood test, one with a speech analysis app.

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Saturday, 17 February 2018

Airbnb and the Unintended Consequences of 'Disruption'

quote [ Airbnb expanded the availability of beds for visitors, gave young tourists a more authentic taste of their urban destination, and kept prices down for all travelers.

But Airbnb's success also encouraged dubious behavior on the part of “commercial” power users—property owners who listed downtown units (especially second residences) all year long, as if they were hotel rooms. Why would would that be a problem? Open apartments occupied for much of the year by Airbnb-using travelers reduce the number of available homes to people who want to move into that building. ]

Another driver of housing shortage and higher rents.

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Friday, 16 February 2018

FBI Admits It Failed to Investigate Tip About Alleged Florida School Shooter

quote [ The tip warned of Nikloas Cruz and the "potential of him conducting a school shooting"

In a statement, the FBI said that a person close to Cruz...called the FBI tip line with concerns on Jan. 5. The caller gave the FBI information on Cruz’s “gun ownership, desire to kill people, erratic behavior, and disturbing social media posts, as well as the potential of him conducting a school shooting.”

That information should have been forwarded to the FBI’s Miami field office for agents to investigate, but it was not.

“We have determined that these protocols were not followed,” a statement from the FBI read. ]

Oh, for fuck's sake. I wonder how many of these tips they get per month.
What is the pre-crime protocol for dealing with a potential shooter?
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Pro-Gun Russian Bots Flood Twitter After Parkland Shooting

quote [ In the wake of Wednesday's Parkland, Florida school shooting Russian bots have taken to Twitter to stoke the gun control debate.

Public awareness that antagonistic bots flood the Twitter debate hasn’t stopped them from achieving their goals of ratcheting up the vitriol—even amid a live tragedy like the Parkland shooting. The goal, after all, isn't to help one side or the other of the gun control debate win. It's to amplify the loudest voices in that fight, deepening the divisions between us. ]

Besides the gun violence that those in power won't do anything about, there's also the ongoing Russian disinformation campaign the same people won't do anything about. It's almost as if they don't want it to stop.

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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

‘Many’ dead, former student in custody after school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High in Broward

quote [ Multiple people are reportedly dead after a former student opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High Wednesday. Law enforcement sources say the shooter, Nicolas de Jesus Cruz, is in custody. ]

Seventeen dead, so far.

Today's school shooting is in Florida. No Florida Man jokes, this could happen anywhere, at least in the US.

It's a shame, but there's nothing we can do about it.

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Friday, 9 February 2018

'Bitcoin' arrests at Russian nuclear lab

quote [ Russian security officers have arrested several scientists working at a top-secret Russian nuclear warhead facility for allegedly mining crypto-currencies.

The suspects had tried to use one of Russia's most powerful supercomputers to mine Bitcoins, media reports say. ]

You'd think nuclear scientists would think things through a little better than this.

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Monday, 5 February 2018

'There's no place to hide': A Wall Street chief strategist breaks down the stock market's catastrophic plunge

quote [ A Wall Street strategist argues that a key market-support strategy failed to work on Monday amid a correlation breakdown between stocks and bonds.

US stocks were rocked on Monday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbling more than 1,100 points, its biggest single-day decline of all time.

Bruce Bittles, the chief investment strategist at Robert W. Baird & Co., attributes a big portion of the selling to a breakdown in the historical relationship between stocks and bonds. ]

I'm sure everything will be ok in a day or two.

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Sunday, 4 February 2018

An Urban Legend Is Born

quote [ It’s an incredible story. But did it actually happen?

In 1996 in Niagara, a tornado tore through a drive-in theater, ripping apart the movie screen—just as it played the scene in Twister in which a tornado demolishes a drive-in movie theater. “It seemed like the screen was coming alive,” remembers one witness. Another: “We’re watching Twister, and my god, we had a twister!”

It’s an incredible story, as its many "witnesses" will readily attest. But did it actually happen? Jay Cheel’s short documentary Twisted investigates this Canadian urban legend, revealing the fallibility of memory, the subjectivity of truth, and the enduring power of human storytelling. ]

Remember that crazy thing that happened, that time?

(It's a video, but not autoplay)

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Friday, 2 February 2018

How Groundhog Day Changed Dramatically During Development

quote [ Groundhog Day was nearly a $3 million independent movie. And a much darker one, with a big twist ending...

It’s one of the few movies that you can legitimately say is enjoyed just as much today as it was on its original release. The 25th birthday of the film continues the celebration.

But as with pretty much every film, it all could have been very different. In the case of Groundhog Day though, we’ve got an idea as to just how different. That’s because the man who came up with the idea for the film, Danny Rubin, penned a fascinating book where he detailed the genesis and development of the film. And in doing so, he’s revealed that the movie was originally a much darker beast than the one we got. ]

Happy Groundhog Day, everyone!
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Amazon wins a pair of patents for wireless wristbands that track warehouse workers

quote [ Amazon has been issued a pair of patents for a wristband system that monitors whether warehouse workers are putting their hands in the right places.

The patents, published today, cover bracelets that could emit ultrasonic sound pulses or radio transmissions to let a receiver system get a fix on where the workers’ hands are, in relation to an array of inventory bins.

Amazon doesn’t typically comment on its patents, but if the technology makes economic sense, it could conceivably be picked up for use in the Seattle-based online retailer’s hundreds of fulfillment centers. ]

As a customer, I love Amazon. As a human person, I'm having some regrets.

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