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Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Did China get caught trying to prop up its economy with a duplicate set of currency?

quote [ China?s central bank denied a rumor that a detained senior official forged $314 billion worth of banknotes. ]

The rumor is the deputy general manager of the company in charge of printing Chinese bank notes printed duplicates of 2 trillion yuan worth of bills. So not really forgeries, but duplicates with duplicate serial numbers. The scale would be ridiculous for a crime, but not if it was being done secretly by China in a sort of Ponzi scheme of money, with one set issued for use outside of China and one for use inside of China.
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Tuesday, 14 December 2021

Toyota Made Its Key Fob Remote Start Into a Subscription Service

quote [ Subscription-based features are taking over the automotive industry?and now they're coming for your key fob. ]

Smiling while I?m cruising, Toyota Corollin
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[by ScoobySnacks@6:00amGMT] [11 comments]

Saturday, 4 December 2021

Hackers Are Spamming Businesses? Receipt Printers With ?Antiwork? Manifestos

quote [ ?A technical person is broadcasting print requests for a document containing workers rights messaging to all printers that are misconfigured to be exposed to the internet and we've confirmed that it is printing successfully in some number of places[?]" ]

Receipt printers can be used for all sorts of things, like playing adventure or even racing games.
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Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Oil companies are ploughing money into fossil-fuelled plastics production at a record rate

quote [ Meanwhile, at Yushan island, tankers with crude oil from Saudi Arabia will dock regularly and pump their cargo into steam crackers that will run 24/7 for decades. Naming it the Green Petrochemical Base does nothing to change the fundamentals of the industry and its modus operandi. Plastics are locked into fossil resources and this connection continues to grow stronger by the day. ]

Expecting the decline of fuel demand, oil companies are producing more plastic than ever.
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[by Paracetamol@1:15pmGMT] [4 comments]

Thursday, 25 November 2021

The Great Lightbulb Conspiracy Part 2: The Ultra Efficient Bulbs You're Not Allowed To Have

quote [ You can?t buy them unless you live in Dubai. Apparently inspired by the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who wanted more efficient and longer-lasting bulbs. ]

Yes, longer lasting, far more efficient LED lightbulbs exist, but you're not allowed to have them, at least not yet.

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Monday, 22 November 2021

Locked out of ?God mode,? runners are hacking their treadmills

quote [ NordicTrack customers were watching Netflix?until the company blocked their access. ]

Then fuckin' slide around like on a NordicTrack
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Saturday, 23 October 2021

Stop Shopping

quote [ Despite those concerns, few seem willing to acknowledge that the record amount of stuff being brought into the country isn?t merely disappearing off store shelves. We know where it?s going, and we know who?s buying it all up. They?and maybe you?could simply knock it off. ]

Is it Buy Nothing Day again already?
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Thursday, 21 October 2021


quote [ On Itch, VAT is exclusive, meaning it?s added on to the game?s price at checkout. On Steam, however, VAT is inclusive, so that 20% comes out of my end. When you set the price of your game in USD ($9.99), Steam has a system that recommends prices for other currencies, but what I didn?t realize is that it doesn?t take VAT into account, even though they know dang well what it will be. ]

Relaxing game, interesting insights into sales numbers from indie platforms (as opposed to Steam).
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Saturday, 16 October 2021

What really happened to McDonaldland?

quote [ Explore the history & ultimate downfall of McDonaldland and The Disney-McDonald's Happy Meal, McDonald?s magical world & ad campaign that brought fame and fortune to the iconic fast food franchise. From the origins of Ronald McDonald, the McDonald?s Merchandise craze, the McDonalds Disney partnership and Happy Meal Toys and how it ultimately came to an end. ]

Short answer: Johnny Copyright Law has a long arm.

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[by the circus@6:37amGMT] [1 comment]

The Death of Ronald McDonald

quote [ At one point, the fast food mascot was more recognisable than Jesus Christ. What happened? ]

Line 'round the corner like Ronald McDonald's
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