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Sunday, 9 August 2020

The Lincoln Project Project - SOME MORE NEWS

quote [ Hi. Here is a video for your parents about their favorite new Trump trolls, The Lincoln Project. ]

One of these days I want to sit down and map out where all the Bush era neocons ended up. Because there's quite a bit of them working behind the scenes in "liberal" media, if I recall correctly.
[SFW] [politics] [+3 Underrated]
[by steele@9:01pmGMT] [5 comments]

The UX of LEGO Interface Panels – George Cave

quote [ In 2015, Ford recalled 13,500 Lincoln SUVs because drivers speeding down the motorway were mistakenly shutting off the engine when they tried to activate sport mode. See if you can spot why ]

Oh, this tackles all sorts of interface anecdotes while throwing a lot of nicely photographed Lego bricks at you. Been trending hard.

Bonus: Eastern block DIY computers
[SFW] [science & technology] [+2]
[by Paracetamol@9:35amGMT] [2 comments]

Marmalade: A Very Obsession

quote [ Captain Scott took jars to the Antarctic with him, and Edmund Hillary took one up Everest. Marmalade is part of the British national myth. Livvy Potts wants to know why. ]

Sugar sugar sugar in the marmalade O-E-A-I-O
[SFW] [food & drink] [+1 Good]
[by ScoobySnacks@8:58amGMT] [2 comments]

Saturday, 8 August 2020

Beanie & the Co-Operators - Flesh Eater - 7" - Woodland Records

quote [ They feed on the flesh of the dead ]

Contemporary reggae from Bulgaria. Took me a good while to realize that this was not about zombies but vegetarians.

More catchy riddims in the extended.

[SFW] [music]
[by Paracetamol@8:53pmGMT] [0 comments]

Tales Of Type

quote [ A discussion of the ways that large tech companies helped to define the evolution of computer typography. One battle made the CEO of Adobe really mad. ]

But oh shit, I'm stuck, I can't pick out a font
[SFW] [history] [+1 Interesting]
[by ScoobySnacks@5:41amGMT] [1 comment]

Friday, 7 August 2020

Two Students Say They Were Suspended From Their Georgia High School For Posting Photos Of Crowded Hallways

quote [ The images of students packed together in hallways went viral on Twitter as the school faces scrutiny from staff and students. ]

I got suspended, ooh, you got suspended
[SFW] [health] [+1 WTF]
[by ScoobySnacks@5:04amGMT] [8 comments]

Intel hacked: Confidential files, backdoors obtained and leaked by anonymous hacker

quote [ An anonymous hacker claims to have obtained confidential Intel files, and has leaked them in a file-sharing folder. ]

Well fuck. This looks baaaad. Just right for 2020
[SFW] [science & technology] [+5 Informative]
[by rylex@4:09amGMT] [3 comments]

Thursday, 6 August 2020

I Tried Floating With a VR Headset in a Sensory Deprivation Tank.

quote [ In this video, I am happy to show an experiment I've been planning for a long time: Floating with a VR headset in a Sensory Deprivation Tank. I brought my Oculus Go to my friends at Bergen Flyt, a float studio in Bergen, Norway. I used the application Cosmic Flow to provide psychedelic visuals. In the video, I talk about the effects, including amongst other things, real and virtual hallucinations, and loss of bodily self-consciousness. ]

I really want my own float tank to experiment with.

The "Everything is Lava" Erotic Bundle by Holodexxx and 9 others 2 Days left on a lewdgame itch.io bundle with a bunch of VR stuff.
[NSFW] [Virtual & Augmented Reality] [+2]
[by steele@2:13pmGMT] [3 comments]

The Satanic Temple: “Satanic Abortions” Are Protected by Religious Liberty Laws

quote [ Now we wait for a legal challenge. ]

Hail Satan! Full article in extended plus a link to the official TST announcment

[SFW] [religion & spirituality] [+10 Good]
[by slaytanik@10:26amGMT] [4 comments]

When pistachio nuts explode

quote [ In fact there seem to be no end to the ways pistachios can kill. Just having them in an enclosed space can suffocate someone. ]

Faster pistachio! Kill! Kill!
[SFW] [food & drink] [+5 Informative]
[by Paracetamol@7:35amGMT] [8 comments]

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