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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Mario Royale

quote [ Mario and all related assets are property of Nintendo. Mario Royale is a completely free fan created parody game. The Noxio game engine and codebase is property of InfernoPlus. Reverse engineering or reuse of this game engine is prohibited without explicit permission. Please don't sue me. PLEASE. ]

Play up to 74 other players in a race to finish an SMB1 level first. Try it out before Nintendo takes it down.

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Mocha Dick: The Whale That Inspired Moby Dick

quote [ About thirty kilometers off the coast of Chile is a small teardrop-shaped island called Mocha, inhabited by the indigenous Mapuche people. The island was well known among sailors, especially pirates and privateers, who used the island as their supply base, exchanging steel and manufactured goods for livestock, corn and potatoes. ]

Bad trip thanks to Moby Dick!
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Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Meet the devs who made games you can play in your address bar

quote [ Some developers self-impose extreme limitations on themselves by making games that you can only play in your browser's address bar. We asked the how and the why ]

So if no longer bees, be it bars.
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We Could Have Had Electric Cars from the Very Beginning

quote [ Early electric cars performed better in cities than internal combustion vehicles, but didn’t give riders the same illusion of freedom and masculine derring-do. ]

Give 'em a ride in your electric car
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Monday, 17 June 2019

How secret languages thrive behind bars

quote [ Both he and Kearse described prison language as an extension of hip-hop, sharing some of the same words and being similarly stylized and creative. “It’s that same spirit, same desire to play with words,” said Reilly. “There’s so much creativity in there, and wit.” ]

Interesting views on language and rhyme.

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Bees have discovered the wonders of plastics

quote [ Wild bees, nesting in Argentinian crop fields, were recently found constructing nests entirely made of the flimsy plastic packaging material left on farms.

"It would demonstrate the adaptive flexibility that certain species of bees would have in the face of changes in environmental conditions," [Mariana Allasino, lead author of the study.]

Researchers have speculated that plastic may form a barrier against common nest issues like mold and parasites. ]

There's a great bee future in plastics.

Think about it.

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The Zen Beekeeper Returning Hives to the Wild

quote [ By handling bees with his bare hands, Michael Joshin Thiele seeks to better understand them. ]

Here comes the beekeeper
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SE Digest: Volume 44 (Part 10 of 10)

quote [ Love you all. SE is still great, you know, in my eyes. I still love it, and hopefully it'll be around for a little bit longer for us all so we can enjoy it and enjoy each other. ]

That is that.

In this final part to my 44th Volume of the second resurrection (third coming!) of the SE Digest, you'll find the usual shenanigans as well as talk about being hungover, the current state of SE as I see it, discovering some of you are actually listening to this silly mess (apologies, steele, if I broke something on the website while making this discover...), and plugging my book one last time before it goes out of print.

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Sunday, 16 June 2019

Tenth Letter of the Alphabet: Anatomy of a Logo and Under Cover: Time Machine

quote [ This book is a time machine. Travel back … ]

… 35 years and witness the origins of the nerdiest of print designs.
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He thought he snagged a villa for $9,100. He got a foot-wide strip of land.

quote [ A Tamarac man thought he was getting a great deal on a Tamarac villa whose owner hadn't paid taxes. But all he ended up with was a one-foot-wide strip of property running under the villa. It cost him $9,100 and there's little he can do with it. ]

What happens here it stays at the villa
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