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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Millennials Lighting Matches Near Gasoline

quote [ specifically listening to a story about Millennials and their decision. I don’t know what a Millennial is. I don’t even know what I am. I think I’m too young to be a Baby Boomer (B. 1966) and too old to be a Gen Xer. In any case, the story was highlighting a young man and his thoughts during the debate. Other than starting his sentences with the word “like” he sounded intelligent and thoughtful. He was undecided before the debate and remained so after. It made me remember my backyard growing up and the match and the gasoline. ]

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The Gas Lighting the Millennial Generation

quote [ EU natural gas consumption is expected to increase by 6% this year compared with 2015 to around 447 Bcm, industry group Eurogas said Friday, as gas demand in Europe continues a robust trend following year-on-year growth last year. The rise is due to increased demand for gas in power generation following signs of revival in industrial activity, as well as greater use of gas in transport, Eurogas said. ]

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Famed Comic Artist Steve Dillon Dead at 54

quote [ Popular comic book artist Steve Dillon, best-known as the co-creator of "Preacher," has died.

He was just 54.

The grim news was confirmed Saturday morning on Twitter by his younger brother.

"Sad to confirm he death of Steve, my big brother and my hero,” Glyn Dillon tweeted Saturday morning. “He passed away in the city he loved (NYC). He will be sorely missed. Cheers x.” ]

2016. Motherfucker.

This hurts. I've always loved his clean but dynamic style. When I saw his name attached, I knew I'd be in for a fun time. This is horrid.
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People Are Making Super Mario Go Faster Than Ever

quote [ Brad Myers is no stranger to the Mushroom Kingdom. On nearly 22,000 recorded occasions, he’s inhabited the character of an 8-bit, suspendered plumber named Mario. Each time, he sprints left to right across the kingdom’s psychedelic landscape, going down its pipes and through its castles in an attempt to rescue Princess Toadstool faster than anyone ever has before. ]
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Schindler factory to become a Holocaust memorial

quote [ Oskar Schindler saved 1,200 Jews from deportation to a concentration camp by hiring them to work in his factory during World War II. Now that building is to become a memorial site. ]

I wonder if any of them are alive today. The youngest apparently died in 2013.

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First Alaska woman charged with possessing child pornography gets no jail time

quote [ A former Alaska woman who was sexually abused by her paternal grandfather and then, as an adult, downloaded and traded videos of child exploitation has avoided any jail. ]

All kinds of fucked up over here...

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Chemical bike lock causes vomiting to deter thieves

quote [ Two inventors from San Francisco develop a bike lock that induces vomiting and shortness of breath if someone tries to cut the lock.

The "Skunklock" is a U-shaped steel bicycle lock with a pressurised, stinking gas inside.

The gas escapes in a cloud if someone attempts to cut the lock.

The company claims its "noxious chemical" is so disgusting it "induces vomit in the majority of cases."

Even better, it claims, the gas causes "shortness of breathing" and impaired eyesight. ]

Hey, it's 100% legal! They couldn't say it if it wasn't true.

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Kevin Meaney, Veteran Stand-Up Comic, Dies at 60

quote [ The comedian was found unresponsive in his home Friday. ]
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The Rise and Fall of the Army Surplus Store

quote [ They all look pretty much the same wherever you live. Surplus stores can be found in strip malls in the rough part of town or as stand-alone warehouse-style buildings with corrugated metal roofing and very few windows. They’re easy to miss while driving because they typically only announce themselves with a small yellow sign emblazoned with “Army Surplus” in black lettering. ]
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