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Monday, 20 August 2018

London museum is livestreaming a key 21st-century artifact—festering sewage

quote [ The rancid refuse was chipped off an infamous sewer clog discovered in London late last year called the Whitechapel “Fatberg”—the preferred term for such muck monsters. ]

Ceci n'est pas une shitpost.
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Photographer Uses Drone to Capture Social Inequality Across The World

quote [ American Photographer Johnny Miller became interested in social inequality and segregation when he moved to Cape Town, in South Africa. The country has barely recovered from apartheid, which although officially ended a quarter of century ago, traces of the racial segregation in the form of roads, rivers, “buffer zones” of empty land, and other barriers still exist separating the rich from the poor, the blacks from the whites. ]

The cause of inequality, a paradise for few
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Sunday, 19 August 2018

Uzbekistan’s Secret Underground: A Photo Ban Lifted After 41 Years

quote [ After a longtime ban on photographing the Tashkent Metro was lifted this summer, I went underground to reveal the art, architecture, and nuclear-blast ]

Secrets from the underground
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What the Fuck happened to Hip-Hop?

quote [ We asked DMC from Run DMC about Hip Hop today, he didn't hold back. ]

Shut down all the nonsense we been celebratin'

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How to tell you are winning

quote [ Democratic Socialism Derangement Syndrome? Why Hysteria about the Rise of the Progressive Left Misses the Mark

Election pearl-clutching is often related to fears that socialism endangers the wealth and power of America's elites. ]

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”

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Saturday, 18 August 2018

Mummy Cheese Might Be the World"s Oldest, Researchers Say - It's abit Cheesy

quote [ Researchers in Egypt discovered a broken jar containing what appeared to be a hunk of 3,300-year-old cheese — possibly the oldest known cheese in the world. ]

Just an article about cheese.

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Teledildonics Patent Expired

quote [ Sex toy innovators of America: we have good news for you! The so-called "teledildonics patent," owned by a company that many would deem a "patent troll," has just expired. Now US sex toy companies can create the Internet-controlled vibrators, dildos, and whatever else of their dreams with significantly less fear of being sued. "It's a classic example of how an overbroad patent can frustrate innovation." ]

The industry is now free to release its frustration.

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Are Cities Making Animals Smarter?

quote [ A mysterious wild cat in Sri Lanka may hold a clue. ]

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Former UN chief Kofi Annan dies at 80

quote [ He was the first black African to become UN secretary-general and was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. ]

A man of note to be sure...
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Fighting the vanilla thieves of Madagascar

quote [ How vanilla became one of the world's most expensive - and dangerous - ingredients ]

Up on high where the wild foam vanilla baths flow
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