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Wednesday, 19 December 2018

The curse of palm oil in Guatemala

quote [ The Q'eqchi have struggled for land rights since the late 19th century, when their ancestral lands started being privatized. This community fought back. ]

He's got palm oil pants
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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

ATF Bans Bump Stocks

quote [ The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) released text of a final rule banning bump stock devices. The rule is notable because bump stocks were used in a recent high-profile mass shooting, and because it is a major regulatory action in an administration known for deregulation. ]

I don't personally want one but I don't like this.
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Penny Marshall, ‘Laverne & Shirley’ Star, Director, Dies at 75

quote [ Penny Marshall, who starred alongside Cindy Williams in the hit ABC comedy “Laverne & Shirley” and then became a successful director, died on Monday night at her Hollywood Hills home due to complications from diabetes, Variety has confirmed. She was 75. ]

To shamiyo, shamago like Laverne and Shirley
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quote [ The votes are in. . . ]

Told me I had to have comments.

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The Infomercial Game

quote [ From Kevin Trudeau to Miss Cleo, infomercial schemes of the past 40 years have a lot in common with the “dark patterns” of the modern-day app economy. ]

We got infomercial dramas
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Monday, 17 December 2018

Stephen Miller Should've Gone to a Black Barber, Instead He Sprayed-Painted His Scalp With White Man Bigen

quote [ Sunday was Stephen Miller’s big day. The White House decided to trot out President Trump’s senior policy adviser to speak on... who cares WTF he was there to speak on because no one could pay attention because Stephen Miller went on national TV in front of God and errbody sporting a white man bigen blackout. ]

This Administration has always been bad with its coverups ((*badum-CHING*))
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Dems 2020 presidential candidates economic plans are starting to surface.

quote [ Democrats eyeing 2020 presidential bids test simple pitch: Have some money.

Sens. Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Sherrod Brown talk to NBC News about their plans to boost your bank account. ]

I'm still looking at Sherrod Brown, still not sure. Still looking like over a 20 person field, should be interesting.

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The Confused Marketing Campaign for Frank Capra’s Sentimental Christmas Movie, It’s a Wonderful Life

quote [ 'It’s a strange film, a Christmas movie that doesn’t mention Christmas until the 99-minute mark' ]

No need to run and hide, it's a wonderful, wonderful life
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SF to developer who tore down landmark house: Rebuild it exactly as it was

quote [ A property owner who illegally demolished a 1936 Twin Peaks house designed by a renowned modernist must rebuild an exact replica of the home rather than the much larger structure the property owner had proposed replacing it with, the City Planning Commission ruled this week. ]

Dale Cooper: Ask me why I'm whittling.
Sheriff Truman: I give up. Why are you whittling?
Dale Cooper: Because that's what you do in a town where a yellow light still means slow down, not go faster.
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The Steele Dossier: A Retrospective

quote [ The dossier is actually a series of reports—16 in all—that total 35 pages. Written in 2016, the dossier is a collection of raw intelligence. Steele neither evaluated nor synthesized the intelligence. He neither made nor rendered bottom-line judgments. The dossier is, quite simply and by design, raw reporting, not a finished intelligence product....

These materials buttress some of Steele’s reporting, both specifically and thematically. The dossier holds up well over time, and none of it, to our knowledge, has been disproven. ]

With the news out of the Southern District this week a lot of people act like this is coming to an end...its not, it is just getting started. There are several investigation on going and several more about to start...drip...drip...drip.

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