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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

?Many? dead, former student in custody after school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High in Broward

quote [ Multiple people are reportedly dead after a former student opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High Wednesday. Law enforcement sources say the shooter, Nicolas de Jesus Cruz, is in custody. ]

Seventeen dead, so far.

Today's school shooting is in Florida. No Florida Man jokes, this could happen anywhere, at least in the US.

It's a shame, but there's nothing we can do about it.

[SFW] [dystopian violence] [+9 Sad]
[by HoZay@11:35pmGMT] [56 comments]

Sunday, 4 February 2018


quote [ Russia's leading environmental activist is one of more than a million people - many of them young and well-educated - who have packed their bags and left the country in recent years ]

Estonia better watch it, too many Russians in a country and Putin might use it as an excuse to invade.
[SFW] [dystopian violence] [+4 Sad]
[by eggboy@11:03pmGMT] [1 comment]

Friday, 2 February 2018

How WeChat came to rule China

quote [ The multipurpose messaging app is becoming the nation?s ID system ]

Posted because I always wanted to post something under the "dystopian violence" tag, and because this scares more than just about anything else I've read about recently.

[SFW] [dystopian violence] [+2]
[by Kama-Kiri@12:00amGMT] [4 comments]

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

From Gunshots To Alleged Rapes, A Toxic Legacy Of Police Relations On A Wisconsin Reservation

quote [ I went to Wisconsin?s Bad River Reservation to find out why 14-year-old Jason Pero was shot dead by a sheriff?s deputy. But tribal members didn?t only want to talk about the shooting: ?You?ve heard about the women, right?? ]

No one ever gets involved
Apathy can never solve
[SFW] [dystopian violence] [+2 Sad]
[by ScoobySnacks@12:01amGMT] [1 comment]

Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy new year people

quote [ Well, one ended, the next one just began. Best wishes for all. ]

What's happening guys? Hope you are having a good one.
[SFW] [dystopian violence]
[by Onix@10:54pmGMT] [7 comments]

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

UK Conservatives to replace Labour's anti-robot dystopia with pro-robot Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)

quote [ Alan Mak, Conservative Member of Parliament for Havant: The world is witnessing an unprecedented fusion of new technologies that blur the traditional boundaries between the physical, digital and biological spheres. As Conservatives, we must be the first to respond ? and help Britain get to the future first. Ensuring Britain leads the 4IR is the greatest economic opportunity ? and challenge ? of our generation, and we mustn?t let Labour steal a march on us. While Jeremy Corbyn plots nationalisation and taxing robots, we must plan for productivity. ]

Robots should be welcomed by human managers and VR executives instead of being taxed and threatened by picketing unemployed humans.

[SFW] [dystopian violence] [+2]
[by Ankylosaur@10:52pmGMT] [8 comments]

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Generation Screwed

quote [ Why millennials are facing the scariest financial future of any generation since the Great Depression.

Like everyone in my generation, I am finding it increasingly difficult not to be scared about the future and angry about the past. ]
[SFW] [dystopian violence] [+2]
[by foobar@5:43pmGMT] [9 comments]

Monday, 11 December 2017

Vladimir Putin orders withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria

quote [ 'If the terrorists again raise their heads, we will deal such blows to them they have never seen,' Russian leader says ]

He even sounds like Trump. I was sure he was going to stick the US with his mess, still not sure he hasn't.

[SFW] [dystopian violence] [+2 Informative]
[by bbqkink@5:22pmGMT] [2 comments]

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Court mixed on if it's OK for police to make minors masturbate in front of them

quote [ 4th Circuit: We can?t ?perceive any circumstance that would justify? such a search. ]

Well it was a 2 to 1 decision, so maybe, maybe not? I mean if that's what the cop's into, per the article, why should the court really stand in the way?
[NSFW] [dystopian violence] [+7 WTF]
[by the circus@11:50amGMT] [3 comments]

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Cops Thought a Man Shoplifted a Shirt, So 50 SWAT Cops Tore Down an Innocent Man?s House

quote [ A team of SWAT officers destroyed an innocent man's house during a 19-hour standoff?for the sake of arresting a man who was accused of shoplifting clothes. ]

The homeowner may be innocent, but clearly the house was guilty.
[SFW] [dystopian violence] [+6 WTF]
[by satanspenis666@10:58pmGMT] [6 comments]

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