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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

This PSA About Fake News From Barack Obama Is Not What It Appears

quote [ Oscar-winning filmmaker Jordan Peele has a warning for viewers about trusting material they encounter online. ]

Obviously, this tech has been used in porn for a while.
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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Get Ready! Mr. Putin ...Mr, Assad...did you hear me? Get ready.

quote [ With American strike intentions so clearly forecast by Mr. Trump, the Syrian government has moved key aircraft to the Russian base near Latakia, and is .... While Mr. Trump's tweet did not disclose the exact date and time of an American missile strike, Mr. Assad's allies are lining up to back the Syrian regime. ]

Ironically the best thing to do now is nothing. With all their weapons hid on Russian bases the smartest move let them sweat. There doesn't seem to be any real benefit of a strike unless you intend to eliminate their Air force and that would be impossible without killing at least a few Russians.

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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Austin bombing suspect dies after blowing himself up, police say

quote [ The man stopped on the side of the Interstate 35 frontage road, and as Austin SWAT officers approached, he detonated a bomb, knocking one of the officers backward and injuring him, Manley said.

While authorities have not publicly released his name, the suspected bomber has been identified as Mark Anthony Conditt, according to two officials familiar with the investigation. Police said Conditt was 24, while some public records suggested he was 23. ]

Wow. He was 24 year old kid.
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B-1976, C-1976, or D-1980

quote [ ?If Skripal and his daughter received a lethal dose of B-1976, C-1976, or D-1980, then, most likely, they will suffer the same fate as earlier victims. There is no antidote to these agents. I can say with nearly 100% certainty that if Skripal and his daughter are taken off of life support, they will die, although they are now only technically alive.? ]

Is Nato still a thing? Are we still a member?

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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Fifth Texas package explosion reported outside of San Antonio

quote [ A fifth package has exploded in Texas outside of San Antonio. Federal officials say the explosion is likely linked to the "serial bomber" that has been planting packages in Austin. ]

FedEx straight to me
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Uber self-driving car kills pedestrian in first fatal autonomous crash

quote [ A self-driving Uber SUV appeared to hit a bicyclist in Arizona. ]

Maximum Overdrive 2018 reboot is brutal

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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Teacher accidentally fires gun and injures three students in safety lesson

quote [ A teacher trained in weapons use has been suspended after accidentally firing his gun in a classroom in California, injuring three students.

Dennis Alexander was teaching a gun safety lesson for his administration of justice class at Seaside high school, near Monterey in northern California ]

See? Arming teachers is a FANTABULOUS idea!

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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

?Kill all white people?: Accused killer who targeted white victims now charged in six deaths

quote [ For a year, the walking and biking trails snaking through south Kansas City, Mo., were plagued with bloodshed.

Beginning in August 2016 and continuing deep into the next year, the bodies of hikers and dog walkers were found dead along the city?s Indian Creek trail or on nearby roadways. They were all shot. They were all middle-aged. They were all white. ]

I am sure the commentary on this on the internet will be sober and reflective . /s
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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Russia has 'invincible' nuclear weapons

quote [ The weapons he boasted of included a cruise missile that he said could "reach anywhere in the world". ]

I know Putin is just trolling little-hands, and trying to add more red meat to Russia's upcoming election. In any case, if true, Russia has made a big step up to 60's technology.

Decades ago, when the US was developing its nuclear-powered cruise missile called SLAM, the extremely lethal exhaust was considered to be a bonus feature, not a bug. The program was scrapped when we realized that if the missile failed in flight, exploded, or crashed while still in the country, it would be a serious problem. But - Russia has always been fine with that kind of stuff.
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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

PAPERS, PLEASE - The Short Film (2018) 4K SUBS

quote [ An official adaptation of the award winning game "Papers, Please" by Lucas Pope.
Written by Nikita Ordynskiy, Liliya Tkach and Lucas Pope.
Produced by Liliya Tkach.
Directed by Nikita Ordynskiy. ]

Very close to the actual game experience!

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