Wednesday, 14 December 2016


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Consider this last WARNING.

In 24 hours time the SEcret Santa Naughty or Nice (who are we kidding) List will be closed so don't piss around.

Get your User on the list:

  • Jack Blue
  • nitromaniac
  • ooo[......7
  • arrowhen
  • moriati
  • satanspenis666 (unless it's to busy with it's Vajankle)
  • Headlessfriar
  • papango
  • snagUber

    If anyone was missed then comment (bitch) and you will be added.

    This years SEcret Santa's will be the choosen with a Equine Ejaculate Erractic Ranomizer, thanks to last year's SEcret Santa for supplying the props for the PIX.

    EDIT: A thought on a bit of anonymity would be that a postal address is all that needs to be supplied and the USER will the addressed party above the address.

    Also do people wished to be partnered with local Giftees or would other side of world presents be prefered?

    Take a group vote (discussion) now, but I will address this issue in the PM to all (un)lucky SEcret Santa's which shell be sent after the dead line. {If most people want local I may ave to find another Randomizer just wondering is a Ass/Donkey a Equine?}
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    [by R1Xhard@11:34amGMT]


    R1Xhard said[2] @ 12:01pm GMT on 14th Dec
    P.S. if I'm a bit of a piss around you might not hear from me til The Easybeats: Friday on My Mind (1966) [High Quality Stereo Sound, Subtitled]


    I plan on lighting a bon-fire down the local (Elliott Heads,152.4915296,3a,75y,200.57h,82.98t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sbxB32ptFb7Qg-ect1ScLyQ!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x6beb95de550cb5e1:0x500eef17f211240!8m2!3d-24.916667!4d152.483333 {the fire shell be just behind the power pole}) river mouth so many not be online. On a related note if the police don't rock up this time to ask me to put the fire out (did inform me though that a fire 1.8m high is fine I couldn't tell you to put it out but R1X a wood stack 4.2m is a tinsy bit to big) while another shell be lit on the 23rd for anyone in the local forsythia (that's auto correct for for-sin-a-tee {excuse the phonetics but welcome to the rabbit hole of trying to use google like a dictionary
    Jack Blue said @ 1:39pm GMT on 14th Dec
    I'm from Sweden and would not mind sending stuff across the globe.
    snagUber said @ 1:42pm GMT on 14th Dec
    I'm from France and would not mind sending rude and judgmental comments across the globe
    nitromaniac said @ 7:14pm GMT on 14th Dec [Score:2 Insightful]
    From Calgary, Canada over here.

    I don't mind being paired with somebody far away so long as they don't mind the gift arriving some time in April because of shipping delays.
    R1Xhard said @ 11:05pm GMT on 14th Dec
    I was thinking about the shipping delays, but thought if all presents ae in the mail by friday next week. then presents should be expected before teh end of January.
    moriati said @ 6:28pm GMT on 14th Dec
    I'm still in.

    Note from previous years - when submitting your meatspace coordinates to the Head Elf remember to include you current real-world username (aka 'name') to facilitate delivery.
    moriati said @ 6:30pm GMT on 14th Dec [Score:3 Good]
    To explain a little further - in shared blocks / houses where you aren't commonly known as 'assbisquit' can lead to confusion, disappointment and postal rage.
    ooo[......7 said @ 5:03am GMT on 16th Dec
    Hooray, shopping for you lot is always a difficult but exciting problem. Kinda like sex in space would be I imagine.
    Headlessfriar said @ 8:46am GMT on 16th Dec
    That metaphor is very apt. I have a fear of impotence and floppy cocks with this too.
    snagUber said @ 6:57pm GMT on 11th Jan
    so.... I am super late (what? it is january already?) but the gift is in the mail. un-inspired but ha! I tried!

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