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What's this about?
You can advertise your site on Sensible Endowment. This is the page to do it on.

What does it cost?
The ability to advertise a single ad at a time is a perk to gold level subscribers on up.

What sort of things can I advertise?
The advertising here is for your personal projects. Have an etsy shop? A webcomic? A kickstarter campaign? Make an ad for it. Please don't try to advertise spammy things like viagra, pyramid schemes, 419 scams, or whatever. These ads are for our creative community to support one another's endeavors.

How do I pay?
If you've got a subscription it's taken care of. You can make as many ads as you like but you can only have one active at any given time. If you cancel your subscription your ads will be suspended until you subscribe again, ready and waiting.

Does my ad go live immediately?
No. It'll go live once I've given it a quick once over and decided it's appropriate. As long as it's not something super spammy or illegal it's unlikely you'll have any problems.

Do I get to see stats of how my ad is going?
Yep. They'll look similar to this:

How many views a day will my ad get?
That all depends on how popular the site gets.

Ok, I want one. What do I do now?
Subscribe! Then come back here and create your ad

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