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Wednesday, 13 September 2023

Twitch Streamer Kills Halo Enemies With Her Mind

quote [ Twitch streamer who used an electroencephalogram device to beat Elden Ring with her mind now using to destroy at Halo multiplayer. ]

For the accessibility mark I hope this "hardware" does not go the way of the post below.
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Tuesday, 29 August 2023

The CIA knows a lot about other nations' space programs. You can too with its new 'World Factbook' update

quote [ The new update is perfect for anyone looking for a 'deep dive into a country and its space program.' ]

So I tried to prepare a post with a direct link to the FactBook. #link in extended

Haven't seen that error before...

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Saturday, 26 August 2023

Is there a 5th fundamental force of nature?

quote [ When what we predict and what we measure don't add up, that's a sign there's something new to learn. Could it be a new fundamental force? ]

The force is all around, but learning what and how to use the force; is the key.

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Saturday, 5 August 2023

System that uses magnetic levitation enables early airborne virus detection

quote [ Researchers from Michigan State University and the University of British Columbia have invented a system that can quickly and inexpensively detect airborne viruses using the same technology that enables high-speed trains. ]

As long as it's not another Theranos.

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Friday, 4 August 2023

Man spends more than $20,000 to ‘become a dog’

quote [ A Japanese man has spent thousands to fulfil his lifelong dream of becoming an animal. ]

Furries be damned. E see
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Friday, 28 July 2023

Nasa collect Rum rocks ahead of Mars space mission - BBC News

quote [ Scientists are gathering ancient rocks from the Isle of Rum for their similarity to rocks on Mars. ]

How does one get assigned the job to take that empty backpack and carry it back with rocks from Rum?
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Tuesday, 25 July 2023

18-Year-Old's Science Reporting Leads Stanford President to Quit

quote [ Within months of starting his undergraduate at Stanford University, 18-year-old Theo Baker was already on the trail of a story that would lead him to become the youngest George Polk award winner in American journalism history. ]

&then....................article in extended.

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Pacific workers in Tasmania, Queensland in limbo as large employer quits PALM scheme

quote [ More than 200 Pacific workers have been left in limbo after their employer Linx Employment agreed to end its participation in the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility scheme amid worker treatment investigations. ]

"Just the modern world we live in."

Lyric - John Williamson

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Thursday, 13 July 2023

eBay Find: A 1980s Dystopian Sci-Fi Truck From "The Highwayman"

quote [ This is one of the original custom trucks used in "The Highwayman," a 1987 movie (that was followed by a TV series) that's been described as a cross ]

Motor home anyone?
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Wednesday, 12 July 2023

25 years later the GameBoy Camera is back – but more refined ~what about the selfies???

quote [ Smaller, smarter but with the same four-tone greyscale sensor, the Game BoyCamera makes its return ]

These were fun at the time. Was like a polaroid.
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