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Tuesday, 23 February 2021

NYPD Robot Dog deployed for Reported Armed Home Invasion in the Bronx

quote [ Robot Dog name is Digidog. It weighs about 70 pounds and is able to run about three and a half miles per hour and climb stairs. It's covered with cameras and lights to get a real-time look at things. ]

I'd probably be more concerned if cops didn't have a horrible habit of shooting dogs, but it is just a matter of time before they start weaponizing these things.
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Wednesday, 27 January 2021

New Documents Suggest J. Edgar Hoover Was Involved in Fred Hampton?s Murder

quote [ At that point, in 1983, after 13 years of litigation, it seemed as if the historical record was complete and the true narrative of the raid established: Chicago police officers, under the command of the Cook County state?s attorney, and at the behest of the FBI and its COINTELPRO program, targeted BPP leader Fred Hampton, and assassinated him while he lay asleep as part of a murderous pre-dawn raid during which the police fired more than 90 shots that also killed Panther Mark Clark and left several other survivors badly wounded.

And so stood that record, until December 4, 2020, 51 years after the raid, when historian and writer Aaron Leonard received from the FBI a redacted copy of Mitchell?s personnel file in response to his 2015 Freedom of Information Act request. ]

No surprise, but always nice to see these things confirmed.
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Friday, 22 January 2021

So the quick - Article regarding censorship

quote [ Link feature thingy, doesn't play well. ]

With the ABC. or us it those amp.

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Thursday, 21 January 2021

sensibleendowment.com Open Redirect vulnerability OBB-187912 | Open Bug Bounty

quote [ Security Researcher RamaDhan found a Open Redirect vulnerability affecting sensibleendowment.com website and its users. ]

So was this every fixed?!

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Tuesday, 19 January 2021

When Helen's boyfriend vanished, she feared the worst. Then she uncovered his secret life

quote [ Dozens of British women say they fell in love with men who they later discovered were members of a secret London police unit sent to gather information on them and their friends. ]

I feel like every few years we find out a different country is doing this.
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Monday, 18 January 2021

Noam Chomsky - The 5 Filters of the Mass Media Machine

quote [ According to American linguist and political activist, Noam Chomsky, media operate through 5 filters: ownership, advertising, the media elite, flak and the common enemy. ]

Got this from avid a while back. Sadly I never finished reading Manufacturing Consent, it's on my list to get back to. This is a great summary of the concepts though. And all the more relevant as we get deeper and deeper in the weeds.
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Thursday, 10 December 2020

FTC sues to break up Facebook, sell off assets like Instagram and WhatsApp

quote [ The FTC's suit asks a federal court to force the sell-off of assets such as Instagram and WhatsApp. ]

About damn time. Fuck Zuckerberg.

In the thumb, the more lifelike face is the wax figure.

More info here:

The Smoking Gun in the Facebook Antitrust Case
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Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Florida Agents Raid Home Of Rebekah Jones, Former State Data Scientist

quote [ Florida law enforcement agents searched the home of former state data scientist Rebekah Jones on Monday, entering her house with weapons drawn as they carried out a warrant as part of an investigation into an unauthorized message that was sent on a state communications system. ]

Rebekah Jones' twitter thread on being raided.

How Florida Gov. DeSantis misled the public on COVID crisis - South Florida Sun-Sentinel

So, things in Florida are going well.
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Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Scars, Tattoos, And License Plates: This Is What Palantir And The LAPD Know About You

quote [ Newly revealed documents show how Los Angeles police were trained to use the flagship product of the most secretive company in law enforcement. ]

Inside the crystal ball
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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Former CIA Agent John Stockwell Talks about How the CIA Worked in Vietnam and Elsewhere

quote [ John R. Stockwell (born 1937) is a former CIA officer who became a critic of United States government policies after serving seven tours of duty over thirteen years. Having managed American involvement in the Angolan Civil War as Chief of the Angola Task Force during its 1975 covert operations, he resigned and wrote In Search of Enemies. ]

Alan Macleod describes finding much of this sort of thing still going on when he was researching the misinformation campaigns around Venezuela in western news media. In one case talking directly with a Bloomberg journalist (Anatoly Kurmanaev) who bragged about starting a false claim regarding condoms costing $750 per box that went viral through US news media.

Buying Venezuela?s Press With U.S. Tax Dollars
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