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Monday, 4 July 2022

Minnesota just legalized edibles because a Republican didn?t read the bill

quote [ After voting for the bill, the lawmaker added: "That doesn?t legalize marijuana?we didn?t just do that.? ]

Tummy full of edible gummies, I'm feeling yummy
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Thursday, 9 June 2022

How to Eat Like a 19th Century Colorado Gold-Miner

quote [ A confluence of cross-cultural foodways fed a series of Colorado?s mining booms, and can still be tasted across the state today. ]

But I'm not a rich goldminer
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Friday, 13 May 2022

The Korean Immigrant and Michigan Farm Boy Who Taught Americans How to Cook Chow Mein

quote [ La Choy soy sauce bottles and canned bean sprouts are a familiar sight in American grocery stores, but behind this hundred-year-old brand is a story fit for Hollywood. ]

If there's no chow mein
[SFW] [food & drink]
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Friday, 15 April 2022

A day in the life of (almost) every vending machine in the world

quote [ The long read: What?s behind the indestructible appeal of the robotic snack? ]

Looking like you fell from the vending machine
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Saturday, 2 April 2022

Utensil Fandom

quote [ Why do utensils start and end with the knife, fork, and spoon? Let?s highlight a few attempts over the years to create utensils that think outside of the plate. ]

Well, I got a spork, and I'm in my skorts,
[SFW] [food & drink]
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Thursday, 17 March 2022

How a Massachusetts Highway Restaurant Became an Icon

quote [ A storied stretch of Route 1 in Massachusetts was once home to restaurants with over-the-top roadside attractions. Now, only Kowloon, owned by the Wong family, remains, and it?s unclear for how much longer. ]

At a chowder stand down from Kowloon
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Saturday, 12 March 2022

Meal Deal Economics

quote [ What a price hike for a U.K. supermarket chain?s popular meal deal tells us about the way we perceive food in a time of inflation. ]

How you feel abouta meal deal
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Thursday, 10 March 2022

This Depression-Era ?Magic Cake? Has a Secret Ingredient

quote [ Hit with hard times, American bakers turned to tomato soup. ]

Daydream and the cake-clean depression
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Sunday, 6 March 2022

Mathematically Correct Breakfast -- Linked Bagel Halves

quote [ It is much more fun to put cream cheese on these bagels than on an ordinary bagel. In additional to the intellectual stimulation, you get more cream cheese, because there is slightly more surface area. ]

yummy yummy mobius bagels... yum
[SFW] [food & drink] [+2]
[by satanspenis666@4:09amGMT] [3 comments]

Monday, 28 February 2022

My 24-Hour Experiment With Dystopian Food Units

quote [ A new startup wants to make meals as efficient and joyless as possible ]

I suspect the inventor has food-related sensory issues, and can see an argument that this could cater to those with similar issues. Or maybe I should just embrace the processed food squares without thinking about it too hard.
[SFW] [food & drink] [+3]
[by 5th Earth@6:32pmGMT] [7 comments]

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