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Saturday, 16 February 2019

The Search for a Deeper Understanding of Suicidality

quote [ ?Suicide,? goes the popular expression, ?is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.? [...] This tends to be the prevailing narrative around suicide and suicidality? [...] The problem with this, though, is the obvious reality that some problems really are permanent [...] We may, with the right therapy or psychopharmacological help, change our perspective of such problems so that they don?t cause us so much ongoing distress. But not all problems fade with time; some actually do get worse. It should not be irrational to acknowledge this existential fact, and yet it remains stubbornly difficult to talk about. ]

Related to this recent post I found interesting.

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Goofy 1980s Video Aspirin’ technique might just give you a headache

quote [ In the 1980s, the widespread availability of VCR technology represented a palpable opportunity for some. Porno peddlers, schlock horror directors, and innovating game designers all saw new possibilities in VCR distribution. But they were not the only ones. There was also a wave of direct-to-video holistic health merchants looking to improve the lives of middle-class TV viewers all across the country. ]

Looks like aspirin tonight
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Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Fox host 'hasn't washed hands in 10 years'

quote [ Speaking on Fox and Friends, Hegseth said the infectious micro-organisms did not exist because they could not be seen with the naked eye.

"I inoculate myself," added the Harvard and Princeton graduate.

His remarks came after co-hosts Ed Henry and Jedediah Bila made fun of him for eating left-over pizza. ]

Brownfinger - the second-rate Bond villain.
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Sunday, 3 February 2019

Butter-Scented Chemical Linked to "Popcorn Lung" Discovered in Vape Juices

quote [ In 2007, health officials in California revealed that numerous workers in local flavoring factories suffered from a rare, life-threatening lung condition called bronchiolitis obliterans, later nicknamed ?popcorn lung.? The illness, which scars the air sacs of the lungs and makes breathing difficult, stemmed from exposure to diacetyl, a yellow chemical used to give microwave popcorn its buttery flavor. Now, that chemical is at the center of a new study revealing that it?s harmful in vape liquids as well. ]

Out of the frying pan, into the fire.

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Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Sick Woman Theory

quote [ So, as I lay there, unable to march, hold up a sign, shout a slogan that would be heard, or be visible in any traditional capacity as a political being, the central question of Sick Woman Theory formed: How do you throw a brick through the window of a bank if you can?t get out of bed? ]

Some rather hefty reading highlighting interesting views on inclusion.
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Flower Power: Hamilton?s Doctor and the Healing Power of Nature

quote [ Rebecca Rego Barry on David Hosack, the doctor who attended Alexander Hamilton to his duel (and death), and creator of one of the first botanical gardens in the United States, home to thousands of species which he used for his pioneering medical research. ]

The power of a sweet flower
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Saturday, 19 January 2019

Beer Saves Man

quote [ A man at risk of death by alcohol poisoning on Christmas Day has been saved by beer.

Nguyen Van Nhat, 48, lay dying in a hospital in Quang Tri, Vietnam, local media reported, with a blood methanol level 1119 times higher than normal.

Doctors, realising his body was trying to process too much alcohol at once, realised they could slow it down by giving him beer ]

"Here's to alcohol: the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems."
- Homer Simpson

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Man hospitalised after injecting semen into his own arm to cure his 'severe, sudden onset' back pain - ABC News

quote [ An Irish man's plan to treat his chronic back pain by injecting his own semen directly into his arm has ended with him being hospitalised with a large abscess. ]

The lotion goes on the skin...

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Thursday, 20 December 2018

An Epidemic Is Killing Thousands Of Coal Miners. Regulators Could Have Stopped It

quote [ More than 2,000 miners in Appalachia are dying from an advanced stage of black lung. NPR and Frontline have found the government had multiple warnings and opportunities to protect them, but didn't. ]

A black lung full of ash
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Sunday, 16 December 2018

Powerful devices in the 5G era: Do mobile phones cause cancer?

quote [ It's the question that won't go away and, with the increasing prevalence of mobile phones and the incredible power of the latest devices, being asked more often: do mobile phones cause brain cancer? ]

What about increase in socialital dysfunction issues?

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