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Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Oil it or Spoil it!

quote [ An overly literal collision engine will make you fall as soon as your feet leave solid ground. But what if you give the player just a few extra frames, and if they push the jump button a few milliseconds too late, you still give them a valid jump? ]

As opposed to the last one, this article gives some insights in that forgiveness sometimes makes for a better game experience. There was a longer Twitter conversation featuring even more adjustments collected in a Polygon article.
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Saturday, 12 January 2019

The Art of Failure

quote [ I play video games though I know I will fail, at least part of the time. On a higher level, I think I enjoy playing video games, but why does this enjoyment contain at its core something that I most certainly do not enjoy? ]

Found this via another article on what defines a game ?judging from reviews, this sounds like an interesting notion, challenging purposeful behaviour.

Theres also a little podcast interview on it.
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Thursday, 3 January 2019


quote [ The method by which the AI selects the worst possible piece is extremely simple to describe (test all possible locations of all possible pieces, see which of the pieces' best-case scenarios is the worst, then spawn that worst piece), but quite time-consuming to execute, so please forgive me if your browser chugs a little after locking each piece. ]

Too many S pieces. Now where is my line?

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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

On The Missing and what we choose to ignore

quote [ If we can play AAA titles while ignoring their bad politics, we should make the effort to experience indies that tell human stories while ignoring their clunkiness ]

A nice call for quirky games in the light of big bland ones. Plus, they're cheaper!
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Friday, 28 December 2018

This Roomba can create its own Doom levels

quote [ Game developer and designer Rich Whitehouse gave the world an unusual present this Christmas Eve. It?s called Doomba, and it uses the popular Roomba vacuuming robots to create levels for Doom, the classic first-person shooter. ]

I would have loved this way back in 94.

Making Doom wads was always a pain. Build all the way!
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Monday, 24 December 2018

Chuchel redesigned to avoid blackface association

quote [ The Czech studio say they didn?t consider this at all when making the game, and they don?t want to be ?even remotely associated with racism?, so they?ve given him a new look. ]

Good game, interesting problem.
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1918 Pandemic Flu Game

quote [ Not currently playable on mobile devices. ]

I get into your head and spread like a pandemic
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Friday, 7 December 2018

Steam Key Giveaway '18

Wohoo ? free games again! Post games with spare keys in the comments and PM for exchange, as usual.

More info and Steam alternatives in the extended.

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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

The Very First Video Game Console, the ?Brown Box,? Invented by Ralph Baer in 1966

quote [ Atari deserves credit for pioneering early gaming machines, but the first home video game console was the "Brown Box" or (?TV Game Unit #7?). Invented by Ralph Baer in 1966 it was crude-looking by any standards today, but established the basic design for virtually every console system since. ]

And the latest video games
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Monday, 26 November 2018

How Exapunks represents hacking without limits

quote [ ?It turns out that hackers are assholes,? Barth says. ?We interviewed a bunch and mostly they stole credit cards and figured out ways of ripping off phone companies to get free phone calls. And that was it, apparently. Sometimes they?d try to get each other arrested for fun. We didn?t really want to make a game about that.? ]

Good interview on the ever-alluring Zachlike games, referenced on RockPaperShotgun's very own Cyber Monday.
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