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Tuesday, 3 October 2023

Thousands of salmon escaped an Icelandic fish farm. The impact could be deadly

quote [ “Look,” he shouts above the howling wind whipping our faces, pointing at one salmon. “It’s an intruder.” ]

Ouch, that sounds bad. Aquafarming having eco-consequences.
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Sunday, 1 October 2023

Rank: Anything

quote [ The other night, I was lying in bed thinking about the “bias sorter” going around Tumblr in 2018. It originated, I believe, as a way for people to rank their favorite K-pop bands. I’d been using it for the past few years to start my end of the year album rankings. It’s an excellent way to review a list and decide what you like more: A or B. ]

Brilliant idea, simple handling … tackled something similar back then, even with the share functionality.

Quote via blog introduction

thumb via New Old Stock
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Saturday, 30 September 2023

Meta in Myanmar, Part I: The Setup

quote [ On the third day of rioting, the government gets tired of waiting and blocks access to Facebook in Mandalay. The block works—the riots died down. And the Deloitte guy’s inbox suddenly fills with emails from Meta staffers wanting to know why Facebook has been blocked.
in 2016, it was time to get way more people in Myanmar onto Facebook. ]

A long and escalating read – people complaining about the premise of community moderation should keep in mind what unchecked spreading of hate can lead to.

This being the 1st of 5 planned parts, here's a TL;DR in a series of Mastodon posts.

thumb via Clawmarks tumblr.
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Thursday, 28 September 2023

modern art in midcentury comics

quote [ Send me more if you find 'em! ]

great cohost page. via Metafilter
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Tuesday, 26 September 2023

How the ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ “Coffee Is for Closers” Scene Got Made

quote [ Yeah, Alec Baldwin is amazing in this scene, but he’s also giving Jack Lemmon, Ed Harris, and Alan Arkin amazing stuff to react to. Imagine you’re Alec Baldwin, you’re still a relatively young actor, and you’re in a scene with Ed Harris, Jack Lemmon, and Alan fucking Arkin, and you’ve got to scream at them and make them quail and quiver. That’s insane! ]

Cocoa is for cobblers, apparently.
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Sunday, 24 September 2023

We Spoke With the Last Person Standing in the Floppy Disk Business

quote [ You can see from this conversation that I’m not exactly a person with great vision. I just follow what our customers want us to do. When people ask me: “Why are you into floppy disks today?” the answer is: “Because I forgot to get out of the business.” ]

Lengthy interesting interview – great read. Via Sunday Papers
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Friday, 22 September 2023

Revealed: almost everyone in Europe is breathing toxic air

quote [ “This is a severe public health crisis,” said Roel Vermeulen, a professor of environmental epidemiology at Utrecht University who led the team of researchers across the continent that compiled the data.
Traffic, industry, domestic heating and agriculture are the main sources of PM2.5 and the impact is often felt disproportionately by the poorest communities. ]

Cough-cough! They made a great interactive map, even.
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Wednesday, 20 September 2023

Nicky Siano Interview: Disco's dignitary

quote [ What was it like seeking therapy in the seventies, especially as a part of that scene? Did your therapist understand what you were a part of? ]

10-year-old interview with some nice anecdotes. He still has his own homepage but that went down recently, together with some nice mixes. Luckily there are some good samples inbetween the paragraphs.

Anyway, that's basically the original DJ. Like, before hip hop and stuff.
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Saturday, 16 September 2023

Why Every App Now Feels Like TikTok, But Worse

quote [ It drove its competition to madness. The big social apps now feel increasingly the same because they’re filled with the same stuff: content their users didn’t ask for made by people they don’t know on platforms they may not even use. Where they used to see posts from people they know, now there are algorithmically suggested videos from somebody made for nobody. ]

Good article on the entiktokkification of shit. And it's every platform: multiple autoplays running on news outlets and Pinterest becoming nothing but a videowall.

What should be considered is the sheer energy consumption constant video streams put on bandwidth, devices and servers.
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Friday, 15 September 2023

The pirate preservationists

quote [ We Are the Contraband Preservation Society ]

Keep on keeping it up. Features Death is not the End
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