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Sunday, 11 February 2018

The Building That Was Mailed Through The Post

quote [ The inauguration of domestic parcel post service by the United States Postal Office in 1913 was an epochal event in the lives of thousands of Americans, especially those residing in far-flung areas of the country. All of a sudden, commodities such as foodstuff, medicines and other modern goods not easily available in rural areas were as close as the next post office. ]

Like a bird that's flying homeward
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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The White Darkness: A Journey Across Antarctica

quote [ At fifty-five, Henry Worsley began a solitary trek that became a singular test of character. ]

Out across the virgin snow
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Monday, 29 January 2018

Paris zoo is evacuated after baboons escape enclosure

quote [ The biggest zoo in Paris went into lockdown today after 52 ?large and potentially very aggressive baboons? escaped from their enclosures. But only four remain on the loose after 48 were recaptured.

All were seen running amok in the French capital?s Zoological Park, in the Vincennes woods, soon after midday, but it is thought just four remain on the loose after 48 of them were recaptured. ]

Posted just for actually using the words "running amok." Baboons are no joke by the way - I think I would rather see a herd of hippos in the wild, than to stumble across a troop of these original badassed OG's.
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Sunday, 21 January 2018

World's Regard For U.S. Leadership Hits Record Low In Gallup Poll

quote [ Some of the biggest declines were seen in countries that are America's closest neighbors, trade partners and allies. The U.S. approval rating fell by 40 points in Canada (from 60 percent to 20), for instance, and by 28 points in Mexico (from 44 percent to 16), Gallup says..

Across North and South America, U.S. leadership now has a 24 percent approval rating.

Approval for U.S. leadership increased by 10 points or more in four countries: Liberia, with 17 percentage points; Macedonia, with 15; Israel, with 14; and Belarus, with 11. ]

Not a big surprise, since the recent "take my ball and go home" attitude has pretty much become the norm now.
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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Someone Left a Hatch Open and Crippled India?s $2.9 Billion Submarine

quote [ India?s first ballistic missile submarine was out of commission for ten months after someone neglected to properly close a hatch. The nuclear-powered submarine INS Arihant was flooded with saltwater, necessitating nearly a year?s worth of repairs.

Arihant was out of action for ten months as water was pumped out and pipes were cut out and replaced. Indian authorities likely felt that pipes exposed to corrosive seawater couldn't be trusted again, particularly pipes that carry pressurized water coolant to and from the ship?s 83 megawatt nuclear reactor. ]

Dammit Pratyush - how many times do I have to tell you to close the damn screen door when you come in??!?
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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

The Long Lost World of the Luxury Flying Boat

quote [ For glamorous, long-distance travel in the 1930s, there was nothing to quite match the grandeur of the Flying Boat. Whilst ocean steam liners and plush sleeper train cars have their charms, surely no other travel vessel can beat the Pan Am Clipper Class. ]

We drinking Santana champ, cause it's so crisp
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Monday, 18 December 2017

At least 3 dead after Amtrak train derails from bridge onto Interstate 5 near Olympia

quote [ A passenger Amtrak train derailed near Olympia on Monday morning. It had been southbound from Seattle on the inaugural run of a new service.

Pierce County Sheriff?s spokesman Ed Troyer told news media that there were fatalities on the train and that motorists had been injured, but not killed. The extent of the injuries is not yet known.

The southbound lanes of Interstate 5 were completely blocked by the train. ]

First Amtrak train run on a newly-built bypass route.
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The Hitchhiking Craze: When Girls Thumbed a Ride in the 1960s-70s

quote [ The idea of a female hopping into a random stranger?s car is so foreign to today, that it almost seems impossible that a world existed where this was actually a thing. It likely was never actually a safe practice for females, but was a highly popular means of transport for girls in the hippy era. ]

A thousand silhouettes hold out their thumbs
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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The Most Festive Treasures of the New York Public Library's Maps Division

quote [ We wish you a mappy Christmas. ]

Maybe he's caught in the legend
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Monday, 11 December 2017

Colorado's most photographed site ... hasn't changed

quote [ it's said to be Colorado's most photographed scene: Deep into the forest, the log building emerges atop a granite slab where water gushes from the rock below, tumbling into an emerald pool.

While it might attract tourists for its fairytale appearance, it's really the remains of a gritty mining operation that ended exactly 100 years ago.

"This historic building has withstood the elements since 1892," reads the plank posted to a nearby tree, reminding crowds how amazing that is as they stare at the structure's bending legs. ]

And now for something completely different. Also click on the View gallery button.
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