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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Amazonians United Wins PTO for all Amazon Workers

quote [ So why did we begin a campaign for PTO? Because we found out that Amazon was promising us Vacation Time and PTO on paper, but denying it to us in practice. ]

#NotDying4WallStreet Goes Viral as Progressives Reject Efforts to Put Corporate Profits Over Public Health

Turns out so many of those workers who were told they didn't deserve $15/hour are essential. Who knew? If only some guy in the 1800's wrote about a theory of value centered around labor.

Britney Spears calls for wealth redistribution, general strike on Instagram

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Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Poke Abby HD by oxo potion

quote [ In Poke Abby you notice one of the students sneaking down to the potions class while everyone else is in the great hall. As a ghost of Autumnhearth, it is your duty to make sure the students aren't getting themselves into trouble! Clearly the responsible thing to do is to wait for her in the potions classroom and catch her by surprise!

While being poked in the head repeatedly is understandably annoying there are some spots that Abby loves being touched. Find out what spots cause the most pleasure and Abby might invite you over to the desk for some extra fun! ]

This is a cute little free game that has a pancake and VR version. Because it's somewhat cartoon-ish it doesn't push towards the uncanny valley and is actually one of the hottest adult VR experiences I've tried.

Lewd Isolation Bundle by AntiZeroGames, deviant.tech, ZnelArts, Holodexxx - itch.io - unrelated to the main post, but it has a couple of pancake and VR games in an adult bundle.

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Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Yakkos world but its every atrocity and act of imperialism the US is complicit in (final cut)

quote [ And now, the nations of the world, brought to you by Yakko Warner! ]

The classic work revisited.
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Saturday, 7 March 2020

Special For Women’s Day: How About Some Interactive, Authentic & Embodied Porn?

quote [ Sounds impossible I know, but it’s not. For this women’s day I’ve decided to be brave and share with you why I’m coding (and acting in) my own interactive VR porn apps and why you can get (some of) the content even if you don’t have VR. Ready? ]

I'm still plugging away at my own VR Sexual experiments roadmap when I have time. I've already given away one cheap chinese vibrator with my first mobile android app alpha that manipulates the strength of the vibrator in time to the various music frequency bands of a song. The next step is to add a playlist function as I've been told by my alpha tester that one can only get off to "All about that bass" so many times. 😅😅 Once that's ready I can finally start moving to create a VR experience that responds in time with the music and vibrations using an Oculus Go... or Quest, I guess.
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Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Half-Life: Alyx Gameplay Videos

quote [ Return to City 17 on March 23, 2020. Set between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2, Half-Life: Alyx is a new full-length game built from the ground up ... ]

3 more of them in the extended. Looks pretty sweet... demonstrating teleportation mechanics and smooth locomotion. My 1050ti doesn't meet the min spec, but I'll probably try it anyway eventually.

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Monday, 2 March 2020

Elizabeth Warren's Campaign Is Now About Keeping Bernie Sanders From Winning

quote [ She's taking money from a super PAC that may well be funded by people trying to hurt Sanders. ]

Elizabeth Warren Remembered - YouTube

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Friday, 28 February 2020

'The OAS Has a Lot to Answer For': New MIT Study Disputes Key Claim That Paved Way for Right-Wing Coup in Bolivia

quote [ "The media has largely reported the allegations of fraud as fact," the researchers write. "And many commentators have justified the coup as a response to electoral fraud by MAS-IPSP." ]

One of the many lessons I've taken since 9/11 is that the US corporate media is absolute shit at reporting foreign affairs. Time and time again they act as megaphones for the US State Department.


The Washington Post article is paywalled for me.

Following up: The Bolivian Coup Is Not a Coup—Because US Wanted It to Happen

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Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Musicians Algorithmically Generate Every Possible Melody, Release Them to Public Domain

quote [ "Under copyright law, numbers are facts, and under copyright law, facts either have thin copyright, almost no copyright, or no copyright at all," Riehl explained in the talk. "So maybe if these numbers have existed since the beginning of time and we're just plucking them out, maybe melodies are just math, which is just facts, which is not copyrightable." ]

I was just talking about the possibility of something like this 5 days ago. The fun thing is I was talking about trying to implement something like this on old SE more than 15 years ago but storage capabilities were far out of reach. Technological advancements makes scarcity of IP obsolete. This is what post scarcity looks like. This same brute force concept can be applied to images, movies, books code, etc. AI will simply streamline the process more efficiently.

TLDR; IP is now officially theft of The Commons. Though I'm sure a court case will tell us that actually math is illegal or something. Again.
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Thursday, 20 February 2020

🎉🎉🎉 5 6 Years! 🎉🎉🎉

quote [ There was an idea-Mookie knows this-called Sensible Endowment. The idea was to bring together a group of of remarkable people to see if they could become something more. To see if they could work together when we needed them to, to fight the battles that we never could. Joecam died still believing in that idea, in heroes. ]

We're still hanging in there, I guess. Thank you to the folks still trying to keep this place active.

I meant 6 years. I'm very tired.
Oh, right. We are running quite low on subscribers, if anyone would like to help out.
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Monday, 10 February 2020

Free VR Porn Videos - 2020 Saint Valentine

quote [ Free V(R)alentine's Sex For All! In the spirit of love, we're giving away five scenes and we've made our premium VR content more affordable than ever! ]

As with Christmas, BadoinkVR is doing another advent calendar type deal but for valentines day. One free scene a day.

General VR tech advancements in the extended: Touch, Lip Tracking, Dildonics

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