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Saturday, 24 August 2019

Emails Show Monsanto Orchestrated GOP Effort to Intimidate Cancer Researchers

quote [ In one email sent by Todd Rands, a former Monsanto attorney working with FTI, sent a draft of a letter ostensibly written by Rep. Rob Aderholt, R-Ala., a senior lawmaker on the House Appropriations Committee, addressed to Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the National Institutes for Health. NIH is the government agency responsible for most federal public health research and is the largest funder to the IARC. The letter, in fact, had been written by FTI consultants, along with Rands’s edits, according to his deposition testimony. ]

Bolivia Orders World's Largest Air Tanker to Combat Amazon Fires

Bernie's Green New Deal announced a few days ago.

Pia Klemp, the German ship captain who rescued migrants in the Mediterranean Sea, refused a medal from the Mayor of Paris and called them out in extended.

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Friday, 23 August 2019

David Koch, billionaire and piece of shit, dies at 79

quote [ He and his brother, Charles Koch, helped to build a massive conservative network of donors to support libertarian-leaning economic policies. ]

Ding dong, motherfuckers.
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Tuesday, 20 August 2019

How the US has hidden its empire

quote [ The attack on Pearl Harbor was just that – an attack. Japan’s bombers struck, retreated and never returned. Not so in the Philippines. There, the initial air raids were followed by more raids, then by invasion and conquest. Sixteen million Filipinos – US nationals who saluted the stars and stripes and looked to FDR as their commander in chief – fell under a foreign power.

Contrary to popular memory, the event familiarly known as “Pearl Harbor” was in fact an all-out lightning strike on US and British holdings throughout the Pacific. On a single day, the Japanese attacked the US territories of Hawaii, the Philippines, Guam, Midway Island and Wake Island. They also attacked the British colonies of Malaya, Singapore and Hong Kong, and they invaded Thailand. ]

Article has a lot of good points, probably be adding the book to my list.

Grandpa Bernie sends pizza to miners blocking coal train - they're still there!
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Monday, 19 August 2019

How the West Got China's Social Credit System Wrong

quote [ It occupies a spot next to 'Black Mirror' and Big Brother in popular imagination, but China’s social credit project is far more complicated than a single, all-powerful numerical score. ]

A month or so back, while trying to find out wtf is actually going on with Venezuela, I started doing Spanish lessons on Duolingo because US Media's coverage of South America is so shit. Clearly, I'm going to need to expand my studies.
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Saturday, 17 August 2019

The Campaign Press: Members of the 10 Percent, Reporting for the One Percent

quote [ In sum: a $10 million per year anchor for a Comcast subsidiary brings on employees of Bezos and Rupert Murdoch to ask if the press has a problem covering billionaires – and concludes it does not. They confirm the point using a tweet as the modern equivalent of a “man on the street” quote, itself an easily-manipulated device (you can keep asking “men on the street” questions until you get the answer you want), but at least it requires human interaction. That’s circling wagons, not testing hypotheses. ]

Here’s the Evidence Corporate Media Say Is Missing of WaPo Bias Against Sanders | FAIR

Citations Needed News Brief: Meltdown Over Sanders' Suggestion Billionaire Media Owners May Influence Media They Own

This stuff always reminds me of the Daily Show clip where they covered Nerd Prom as the Hunger Game's District 1 when the Baltimore riots were going on.
Supperbad & Guardians of the Gala - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Video Clip) | Comedy Central
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Friday, 16 August 2019

Workers Seize the Shipyard That Built the Titanic, Plan to Make Renewable Energy There

quote [ Late last month, 130 ship builders, steel workers, welders, and riveters seized control of the storied Belfast shipyard that built the Titanic in 1909. More than two weeks later, they're still there, and say they won't be leaving until the docks are nationalized and are used to produce renewable energy infrastructure. ]

More than 37,000 Kaiser workers in California vote to authorize a strike

BREAKING: Forestville Teachers Win -even tiny strikes of 15 teachers can make a big difference.

Biden allies float scaling back events to limit gaffes - Joe Biden is sundowning and his staff knows it.
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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Full House of Mustaches - Nick Offerman [deepfake]

Mike Tyson in Family Matters Intro [Deepfake]

Bill Hader channels Tom Cruise [DeepFake]
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Thursday, 8 August 2019

SE News 2019-08-08

Just a couple of things. About a month ago I got a report from one of our users that an email they only used for SE has started receiving spam. I've been going through the logs since then and haven't seen anything indicating that we've been hacked, but it's also not impossible. Now SE doesn't store your passwords in plaintext, they're salted and hashed. The only thing they really could have gotten is your email address, browsing data, who owns what socks, etc. (aka, my retirement plan for when I sell out to facebook.) If you use your SE password for any other sites (Which you really shouldn't.) you should still probably change them.

Also, I've been doing a bit of updates on the consequences of low karma for dealing with spams and trolls. So the new karma rules (subject to change as I flesh them out) are that you need greater than -5 points to comment, 15 points to mod, and 30 points to post. Negative Karma regenerates, and 15 and 30 are more than easy enough to attain for someone that takes part in the community, in my opinion. I was also working on a captcha for low karma accounts, but things went south on that. So it's been put on hold for a bit.

Hope y'all are doing well. I'm so freaking hot, I think Florida may be on fire again.
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Thursday, 1 August 2019

How Facebook’s brain-machine interface measures up

quote [ Facebook isn't the only one developing brain-machine interfaces. Here's a few competitors with equally promising neural tech. ]

Just a reminder that the company with a business model commoditizing user manipulation and data collection, and owner of one of the biggest VR hardware companies, is also working on their own brain computer interface. Hooray!

Oh, and Amazon is pretty much turning the police into their own sales force for door bell cameras.
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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Angry about no pay, Kentucky miners block train loaded with coal

quote [ "Blackjewel failed to pay them for weeks of hard work and the way the company filed for bankruptcy prevents miners from accessing their 401ks, making it even harder for them to feed their families during this trying time," Beshear said. "What this company is doing to them is wrong -- and I am doing everything I can through my office to help these families. Every Kentuckian should see their plight and support them." ]

Because they've not been fired, the workers are also unable to claim unemployment. It's all sorts of fucked up.

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