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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

World's first floating windfarm to take shape off coast of Scotland

quote [ The £200m Hywind project is unusual not just because of the pioneering technology involved, which uses a 78-metre-tall underwater ballast and three mooring lines that will be attached to the seabed to keep the turbines upright. ]
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Chinese passenger chucks coins into plane engine for luck

quote [ A superstitious passenger delayed a flight from Shanghai for several hours Tuesday after throwing coins at the plane's engine for good luck, Chinese officials said. The elderly woman was detained by police at Shanghai Pudong International Airport following the bizarre incident, forcing nearly 150 ]

On the one hand I'm sensitive to the fact that people's backgrounds, experiences, cultures, etc might make an intelligent person act strangely, in an unfamiliar setting to them. On the other hand, in an unfamiliar setting (I have to assume), why err on the side of throwing bits of metal into a machine?
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This old bill could be the secret to affordable universal health care

quote [ In 2006, Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA) introduced the AmeriCare Health Care Act. ]

This is the time...Although I don't see the Democrats having the combined guts to do it.
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[by bbqkink@1:23amGMT] [1 comment]

Chocolate Sprinkle Feet

quote [ Pornstars: Cindy Starfall , Sara Luvv
Categories: Babe, Fetish, Lesbian, Pornstar, Small Tits
Production: Professional
Tags: kinky, latina, asian, kink, small tits, girl on girl, lesbians ]

I'm a little disappointed with the limited amount of sprinkles. If you're going to have sprinkles be a theme of your porn why wouldn't you have enough to fill up a tray? This is a missed opportunity. 😠 Enjoy but be warned! 💋
[NSFW] [pr0n]
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The Steam Hammers Of The Industrial Age

quote [ Standing proudly at the entrance to the French industrial town of Le Creusot, in the region of Bourgogne in the eastern part of the country, is a colossal Creusot steam hammer built more than a century ago. Being a former mining town whose economy is now dominated by multi-national metallurgical companies, the steam hammer is Le Creusot’s main attraction. ]

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Check out my short film, The Waltz!

quote [ An immigrant mother faces an out of control hoarding compulsion and a crumbling marriage. She stumbles upon waltz lessons and tries to reclaim her life through dance. ]

After a pretty healthy festival run and some awards, I've released my short film to the internets! Give it your eyeballs! Share it with your friends/family that hoard stuff. Enjoy!
P.S. I also play the character 'Angry Asian Man.'
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[by TStryker@10:51pmGMT] [1 comment]

The Senate Republican healthcare bill is collapsing

quote [ The GOP healthcare bill is in bad shape, with both moderate and conservative senators against a key procedural vote.

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, a key moderate vote in the Republican conference, tweeted on Monday night that given its potential effects, she would not vote for the legislation — or even a motion to move it forward on the Senate floor.

Sen. Ron Johnson, of Wisconsin, one of four conservatives who came out against the legislation when it was released last week, also said on Monday that he had "a hard time believing I'll have enough information for me to support a motion to proceed this week." ]

Cloture vote on the BCRA train wreck could come as early as today. If defeated that's the ballgame as they say...
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The Billion Dollar Cost Of Child Marriage

quote [ Advocates for ending child marriage are trying a new tactic: Show governments just how much the practice is hurting their own bottom line. ]

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This Hipster Marriage Announcement From The New York Times Is The Most Insufferable Yet

quote [ And so we meet again. I know I've said this before, but this time I mean it – this is easily, without question, the worst New York Times marriage announcement to date. The amount of submissions I got expressing reader disdain for this couple was so overwhelming that I had to bring this series out of retirement. ]

I thought it was the Onion. Nope.

Category is because this should be a punishable crime.

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[by Abdul Alhazred@5:30pmGMT] [15 comments]

How I Built an AI to Sort 2 Tons of Lego Pieces

quote [ For many years as a child, I did nothing but play with Lego. Eventually I had children of my own, who had a nice Lego collection themselves, but nothing you’d need machinery to sort. That changed after a trip to Legoland in Denmark. ]

You know what really kills me? Lego Land employs Master Builders. I could've played with Legos as a career! I can't be the only here that would've loved that, right?

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[by steele@4:23pmGMT] [7 comments]

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