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Sunday, 10 September 2023

The Berkeley Hotel hostage

quote [ There were two bedrooms. The office shipped across a case of wine for me, and cases of manuscripts, so that I would be able to work. And I moved in. I remember putting Douglas in the smaller of the two bedrooms because I was extremely pissed off. ]

This counts as ?literature?, yeah?

thumb is New Old Stock

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Sunday, 20 August 2023

Biblioburro: The amazing donkey libraries of Colombia

quote [ It was this understanding of the particular challenges faced by children in rural communities that led Bohorquez to leave his job teaching at an elementary school and hit the road, with one of his faithful donkeys, Alfa and Beto. ]

This has been subject of several articles and a documentary over the last decade, apparently it's also a little tragic with the man having lost a leg on one trek, but there are even children's books on him.

found via Tumblr (desperate times), more via wiki.
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Monday, 14 August 2023

The Dream Was Universal Access to Knowledge. The Result Was a Fiasco.

quote [ They won. On Friday, the publishers said through their trade association that they had negotiated a deal with the archive that would remove all their copyright books from the site. ]

Updates on the case. It is a sad state. And music labels are sueing them as well. Full in extended.

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Friday, 4 August 2023

Tips, Tricks & Takeaways from a 15th Century Arabic Sex Manual

quote [ Lucky you ? today we?re signing you up for some sex ed from the Arab world 600 years ago, courtesy of a 15th century sex manual that, despite most of the general population having never heard of it, once attained status similar to that of The Arabian Nights. ]

Her sex came with a manual
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Wednesday, 26 July 2023

Travelling Tales: Kal?lah wa-Dimnah and the Animal Fable

quote [ Influencing numerous later animal tales told around the world, the 8th-century Arabic fables of Ibn al-Muqaffa??s Kal?lah wa-Dimnah also inspired a rich visual tradition of illustration: jackals on trial, airborne turtles, and unlikely alliances between species. Marina Warner follows these stories as they wander and change across time and place, celebrating their sharp political observation and stimulating mix of humour, earnesty, and melancholy. ]

So you know I'm about to tell you the best fable about the best animal
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Monday, 15 May 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Smut Fic

quote [ Let me tell you that there is nothing more embarrassing than going through your raw manuscript, reaching a sex scene and seeing that the editors ripped the ever-loving piss out of it. Having the anatomical impossibilities of your seemingly mind-blowing smut pointed out is enough to make even the most hardened of hard-core-porn writers cringe. ]

This could probably apply to any writing with erotic scenes in it.
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Sunday, 7 May 2023

On Victorian Sex and Sexuality

quote [ What I take from this is that it?s harder (as Henry finds it harder in my novel) to talk about what we quite unhelpfully call ?kinks? or ?fetishes? than it is to talk about homosexuality. Homosexuality has a lineage, a cultural and historical tradition, which has always been incredibly helpful when you are making a case for legitimacy. ]

Book author interviewed by another writer about his novel rooted in Victorian sex science. Some interesting opinions.
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Wednesday, 26 April 2023

?But Where?s Its Anus?? On How We Imagine Alien Lifeforms

quote [ If you?d never seen a deep-sea anglerfish, would you think it was a friendly fellow Earthling? Or would its grotesque visage, its gaping mouth and the glowing lantern protruding from its forehead, suggest farther-flung origins? ]

I still think humans are the aliens
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Wednesday, 8 March 2023

Picturing Pregnancy in Early Modern Europe

quote [ When the womb began to appear in printed images during the 16th century, it was understood through analogy: a garden, uroscopy flask, or microcosm of the universe. Rebecca Whiteley explores early modern birth figures, which picture the foetus in utero, and discovers an iconic form imbued with multiple kinds of knowledge: from midwifery know-how to alchemical secrets, astrological systems to new anatomical findings. ]

Until I'm boasted, pregnancy, thirty weeks, the last supper
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Friday, 27 January 2023

How ?Battle Royale? Took Over Video Games

quote [ In the past, this straightforward voyeurism has occasionally been paired with political critique. ]

some nice writeup from Simon Parkin. Some people commented that this left out other and earlier references but seeing that it's Parkin this most likely happened for coherence.

full in extended for people who don't have little JS-blocker toggle extensions against paywalls (here's an untested one for ios: StopTheScript).

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