Thursday, 12 January 2017

Trump holds first press conference since winning US Presidential election

quote [ US President-elect Donald Trump is holding his first news conference since the election. The event comes amid reports about Trump being influenced by Russia that he has denounced as 'fake news.' ]

Ho Boy, and you thought this was over with, the rhetoric continues.
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Ankylosaur said @ 6:04am GMT on 12th Jan [Score:4]
@PresidentialTrump - "Alternative parody account of how a mature, more presidential Trump should tweet."

This is what parody looks like in 2017. We are through the looking-glass, people!
mechavolt said @ 12:07am GMT on 13th Jan
God fucking damn, reading that is depressing.
HP Lovekraftwerk said @ 1:29am GMT on 12th Jan [Score:1 Underrated]
I lost count of the number of lies, insults, and non-answers about ten minutes into it.

The one that amazed me was him claiming that as a real estate developer, he had very little debt. The WSJ estimates that the various companies he owns are in debt to the tune of about $150 billion to 150 different entities. I'm sure he'd claim this isn't "personal" debt in the same way he hasn't "personally" been bankrupt (his companies have, on multiple occasions).

His praise for hacking when it helped him and condemnation of it when it hurts his ego was galling.

His claim that giving over his businesses to his sons will somehow solve any conflicts of interest should have caused gales of laughter, but no...
midden said @ 4:06am GMT on 12th Jan [Score:1 Good]
I'm quite sure he has no problem claiming all his corporate entities' assets as his own wealth while simultaneously denying any personal responsibility for their debts and bankruptcies.
kylemcbitch said @ 1:40am GMT on 12th Jan
I for one hope that he does in fact take the office of the President without properly setting these things into a blind trust.

That is immediate grounds for impeachment proceedings under the Emoluments Clause.

Now, if any Republicans would bite is another question.
HP Lovekraftwerk said @ 2:05am GMT on 12th Jan
Impeachment from the GOP? He'll have to say he worships Satan and maybe they'll impeach him without actually trying him.
papango said @ 2:10am GMT on 12th Jan [Score:2]
I think there's probably a few people in the Republican Party who would welcome the chance to stick it to Trump, and usher in a Pence presidency (which I want less than a Trump presidency). They'll be waiting until they feel the public is ready it, I think.
sanepride said @ 4:28am GMT on 12th Jan
I think that as long as Trump is willing to comply with the broad GOP agenda of enriching the rich and soaking the poor (i.e. lowering taxes for the upper echelon, cutting and ending entitlements, undoing health care reforms and restricting access to abortion and women's health) then they'll be willing to overlook a multitude of malfeasance. Even as Trump appears ready to embark on a presidency so ethically compromised as to make Nixon look like Mother Teresa, he also seems to be uniquely, unbelievably scandal-proof. Just look at what he got away with as a candidate, still getting elected over Hillary Clinton while the public obsessed over her email server - which really was ridiculously trivial by comparison. And this is really the most terrifying prospect of President Trump- a lack of accountability that ultimately amounts to him saying and doing whatever he wants. And this is how we become a dictatorship.
Headlessfriar said @ 6:02am GMT on 12th Jan [Score:2]
Have you looked into Mother Teresa's life? Nixon was a more moral & ethical human being than her, she was a monster.
sanepride said @ 6:47am GMT on 12th Jan
I'm aware of the criticisms and controversies surrounding Mother Teresa and I'll stick with my metaphor. Monster or not, I wouldn't put money on Nixon winning any moral or ethical show-downs, except maybe versus Trump.
HP Lovekraftwerk said @ 12:12am GMT on 13th Jan
Why not both? Nixon was more than willing to extend wars that were described as meat-grinders for U.S. troops in order to win elections, among other things.
knumbknutz said @ 1:48am GMT on 12th Jan
Turned it off after he immediately started out by whining about "fake news," despite his love for it when he can use it against others.
Dienes said @ 1:40pm GMT on 12th Jan
The only moral fake news is MY fake news.
mechanical contrivance said @ 3:17pm GMT on 12th Jan
Hypocrisy is only ok when it benefits me.
sanepride said @ 4:10am GMT on 12th Jan
I was somewhat bemused by his outrage at the leaked dossier in Buzzfeed, and all the invective directed at CNN just for mentioning the dossier. Fake News! Like Nazi Germany!
All this from the man who spent the last eight years claiming that Barack Obama wasn't born in the US. Not as though the shamelessly unmitigated hypocrisy will ever be noted by the slack-jawed yokels who thought it was a good idea to vote for him.
HP Lovekraftwerk said @ 4:24am GMT on 12th Jan
Or how he praised anyone who brought up the Clinton E-mail Scandal, since that was from hacking, but he then said the media shouldn't air classified information.

We keep going back and forth from 1984 and Mein Kampf here. It's hard to keep up.
sanepride said @ 4:33am GMT on 12th Jan
I'm not generally prone to hyperbole, but we really are on the verge of a fucking nightmare. This press conference really drove it home. We are going to be tested like never before.
bbqkink said @ 8:43pm GMT on 12th Jan
Trump's trainwreck press conference ushers in a shambolic presidency
Richard Wolffe

I still say the biggest problem will be with the conflict of interests..not the Russian connection...not really eliminating that the Russian problem is not a money problem at its root. Not seeing the tax returns makes every problem look like a money problem whether it is or not.
SnappyNipples said[1] @ 1:22am GMT on 12th Jan
So, RT is now the official mouth piece of Trump?

Jebus the comments on that page are epic. LOL
sanepride said @ 4:00am GMT on 12th Jan
Well RT is an official mouthpiece of Putin, and Trump is Putin's handpicked stooge, so it makes sense.

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