Thursday, 14 January 2016

Finally Militia gets the supplies it needs - or rather, the supplies it deserves.

quote [ Opponents of the men currently occupying a federal building in Oregon are using the weapon of humor and ridicule by sending dozens of dildos and other penis-shaped presents to the armed militants.

Calling it “hate mail”, “militia” organizer Jon Ritzheimer is refusing to bend over and take it, after posting a video on Facebook complaining about the special ‘packages’. ]

I think this is pretty damned funny but someone needs to send them this as well.
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arrowhen said @ 7:24am GMT on 14th Jan [Score:4 Good]
"I think this is pretty damned funny but someone needs to send them this as well."

Someone did.
gendo666 said @ 8:18am GMT on 14th Jan
mechanical contrivance said @ 2:15pm GMT on 14th Jan
perezoso said @ 3:17pm GMT on 14th Jan
Amazing. The local UPS is probably experiencing a record surge.
perezoso said[3] @ 7:03am GMT on 14th Jan [Score:3 Good]

They said they wanted snacks, so I sent them a large bag of this yesterday:

It's scheduled for delivery tomorrow
gendo666 said @ 8:17am GMT on 14th Jan
Good job.
I woudl do it but I'm in Canada and our dollar is currently sodomizing the country.
snagUber said @ 7:37pm GMT on 15th Jan
CAD is officially called canadian rupies now.
rndmnmbr said @ 6:07am GMT on 14th Jan [Score:1 Original]
I need their address, plus the addresses of their spouses, grandparents, grade school teachers, and religious leaders. I also need three hundred Clone-a-Willy kits.
kylemcbitch said @ 12:31pm GMT on 14th Jan [Score:1 Underrated]
I have been wanting to have a meaningful discussion about this question...

We have seen what can happen if extremist feel they are backed into a corner (Waco), and everyone is afraid to raise that particular spectre... but I have to wonder, when do you say enough is enough and force compliance with a lawful order (IE - start arresting people, or shooting them if they shoot at you to stop you from doing so?)

While it's fun to tease these militiamen about their well deserved ribbing, we can't ignore that they DID get supplies to help them last. They did threaten people with weapons. They are flaunting the fact they will have no consequences... so long as they hold out. (Cause the second they call it quits, they are all fucked, and for a lot of money and prison time.)

Doesn't this mean they have not only every reason to continue this "siege," but also increasingly, every reason to avoid ending it on peaceful terms (since obviously, those terms will be jail sentences, potentially millions of dollars in fines, etc.)

Are we not putting ourselves in a situation where we will have to offer these people more or less amnesty if we want this to end without bloodshed? Are we really willing to pretend that's okay?
HP Lovekraftwerk said[1] @ 6:21pm GMT on 14th Jan
There's the problem: If you send in armed officers, there will likely be a shootout. Whether or not that's justified, the fallout will be pretty hefty, involving whoever ordered the officers in as well as the resulting conspiracy/gun nuts who will take this as yet another reason to give this "armed resistance" (which looks a lot like criminal trespass, destruction of public property, failure to pay for grazing, etc.) stuff a try.

The fact you immediately think of Ruby Ridge and Waco should give you an idea as to why nobody wants to touch this, and hopes that the morons with guns who think they're going to be the next King of America eventually get tired of stewing in their own filth and give up.

Unfortunately, stupid is tenacious. I wouldn't be surprised if these idiots saw what they're doing as a new career in the right wing entertainment biz.
mechanical contrivance said @ 6:40pm GMT on 14th Jan
Oh man, I hope TLC doesn't give them a reality show.
kylemcbitch said[1] @ 10:31pm GMT on 14th Jan
I guess my point is this:

Everyone is scared of the ghosts of Ruby Ridge and Waco. Have we stopped to consider that not taking this more viciously serious, we are going to embolden and inspire more of the same?

We are getting to the point where trying to avoid Waco or Ruby Ridge, we are going to create even more. This can only end peaceful one of 2 ways, the government folds it's hand and gives them major passes and thus legitimizes their "seige" or the militia call it quits and accept the consequences.

They don't need to call it quits, because they were just care packaged supplies.... that our government allowed to be delivered. -_-

...and while I agree the slippery slope argument is usually a terrible one to take, I can't help but point out the Bundy's are at the heart of this... again.
hellboy said @ 11:59pm GMT on 14th Jan
Yeah, part of the problem is that this is happening because the feds backed down to Cliven Bundy and that was seen as a victory (and they're not wrong). Sending them bags of dicks and barrels of lube is awesome and hilarious, but the fact that law enforcement treats these assholes with kid gloves but has no problem using pepper spray and rubber bullets and worse against (the other) BLM and Occupy and so forth is, frankly, very disturbing. Why do white right-wing extremists get to be treated nicely while everyone else gets the jackboots?

The FBI is being stupid about this. The answer isn't drone strikes (tempting as that might be), but there has to be a middle ground between curbstomping protestors and kidgloving them, and it needs to apply to everyone the same way. There are ways to deal with Y'all Qaeda that don't endanger lives. Laws have been broken, so there need to be arrests and prison terms. Otherwise there will just be more of this childish bullshit.
perezoso said[1] @ 7:30pm GMT on 14th Jan
The feds are just waiting patiently and not providing the provocation that these dildos so desperately desire. True, they might get a pass on some of the most severe criminal charges they should face, but I'm betting that they will be charged with enough on the criminal side and they will be absolutely inundated with civil claims when this is over. They may have forfeited assets, garnished wages, endless proceedings and lawsuits, yadda yadda yadda... They won't escape the consequences for the rest of their lives. It'll be there in the mail every day, anther installment to pay back the county, another hearing in another suit.

At least that the way it should work. They don't go out with a bang or a spectacular conviction. Rather, they just slowly and quietly die away from a thousand legal bites, swamped in the bureaucracy, forever indebted, mired in a thicket of claims.
HP Lovekraftwerk said @ 8:32pm GMT on 14th Jan
I hope you're right, but I'll note that Cliven Bundy is still not behind bars, and he's been at this for over a year.
gendo666 said @ 12:12pm GMT on 16th Jan
The problem is these guys need to be visibly punished or it will happen again - and again.
And the time it happens with Black protestors or Mexican, or Latino then the bullets will fly and make this into the tragedy for lawmaking that it is.

If I'm not coherent blame the 20 so hours without sleep.
HP Lovekraftwerk said @ 6:20am GMT on 14th Jan
In other events, an Oregon judge has announced he plans on billing Bundy the cost of closing the wildlife refuge, which is a $60,000 to $70,000 daily.

The dildo recipients have also picked up a "Sovereign Citizen" not-judge who claims to be a judge, which means legal hilarity a-plenty. I just hope they don't actually get a hold of a "defendant," or this could get ugly, quick.

Not content with sitting around, these assholes have already torn down once fence to "return" the land to someone, causing damage to the preserve, not to mention the actual damage of destroying the fence.

Thankfully, though, they've been shown to be less than able warriors as one of their number was knocked on his back by a 79-year-old birdwatcher after getting in said birdwatchers face and poking him in the shoulder.
zarathustra said @ 5:05pm GMT on 16th Jan
I'm actually sort of surprised their homes haven't been seized yet ( or at least not that I have heard) or at least had liens put on them to pay the costs.
knumbknutz said[1] @ 6:30am GMT on 14th Jan
Looks like a good spot to drop this one off...

March organizer fatally shoots right-wing militant buddy in drunken dispute over gun

Bill Williamson, another right-wing “patriot” associated with the Oregon militants, said in a Facebook post that Smith shot Carter in a drunken dispute over a gun.

Williamson, an organizer of the failed 2 Million Bikers 2 DC rally, said he had been communicating with Carter through Facebook messages minutes before his friend attacked Smith.

He said Carter was intoxicated and pulled Smith’s gun from its holster, but Smith drew a “spare gun” and shot his friend in the head.

And HILARITY ensued soon after....
SnappyNipples said @ 7:06am GMT on 14th Jan
I need to do my part too...and send them a bag of dicks
Taleweaver said[1] @ 7:39am GMT on 14th Jan
Call me a man of simple pleasures, but this is pretty much the funniest thing I heard this week.
ENZ said @ 7:56am GMT on 14th Jan
Y'know, as funny as all this is, there's nothing about their little spat that implies they're homophobic.

Seems like it'd be more poignant to send them cases of bullshit
gendo666 said @ 8:23am GMT on 14th Jan
I think the very nature of these chucklefucks suggests they are homophobic.
Also.. I think the phrase " eat a bag of dicks" is not perioperative sexually .
Maybe as they huddle alone in their idiot-ology they will year for wampth and compassion and discover a feeling of warmth and love for each other and then be thankful for all the dildos.
- unless they prefer fisting.
cb361 said @ 8:24am GMT on 14th Jan
It'll be very hard for them. But they'll take it. Like men.
foobar said @ 9:54am GMT on 14th Jan
Down with the government!

Uh, except the post office. We still want our mail delivered to our seized compound.
Silent said @ 11:33am GMT on 14th Jan
C'mon guys! Seriously, they need the support of real patriots, as much as they (like us) enjoy a dick joke, we can't let big government dictate the rights of the people.
By claiming the federal land for themselves, they're striking a blow for all of us, can't you see?
So I think it is only fair we all chip in and send them some real supplies, as many wieners as possible and cock shaped pasta.
Or any other phallic foods you can think of.
And some stinky cheese, cause I hate that shit.
sanepride said @ 2:22pm GMT on 14th Jan
This would be funny if it was true/reported in a news outlet more reliable than RT.
Hugh E. said @ 5:29pm GMT on 14th Jan
Exactly what part are you questioning? There is literally photographic evidence, plus linked tweets.
gendo666 said @ 10:20pm GMT on 14th Jan
Now normally I take RT with a HUGE grain of salt but if you are actually denying this you might have issues with reality.
There are countless tweets and other media out there.
Hell there's also that dildo video by "American psycho" there inside the situation.

Or maybe they got Stanley K to fake this after he was finished faking the moon landing.

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