Saturday, 1 October 2022

Lula Speaks

quote [ “tomorrow are the Brazilian elections, which Lula is set to win by a large margin. Four years ago he gave what he thought would be his final speech, right before he was imprisoned on false charges by a corrupt judge. It is worth listening to again now on the eve of his comeback” ]

Lula hopeful of winning Brazil’s presidency in the first round - Prensa Latina

The polls all are largely in Lula's favor, but as I touched on in this post a little over a year ago the US had been involved in the corrupt court case that put Lula wrongfully in prison and the CIA visited with Bolsonaro just a couple hours before he started rambling about how he will only step down if the elections are fair and clean. So, you know. Totally not suspicious or concerning.

What's funny is that Lula isn't really all that revolutionary; He's just a socdem. Which means he's still going to make plenty of concessions to the center and right. He'd still continue most of Brazils neoliberal policies, he'd just be better for minorities and actually "attempt" to fight fascism in Brazil.

If he does win, it'll be interesting to see if there starts up any drama regarding Brazil's foreign reserves. That'll be a real bad sign.
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