Friday, 29 July 2022

The feud between a weed influencer and scientist over puking stoners

quote [ A scientist went looking for genes that cause cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. But a public spat with a cannabis influencer who suffers from the disease may have derailed his research. ]

This the stoner life
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WeiYang said @ 3:11pm GMT on 29th Jul
Did I miss where they said how many mg of THC she consumed? There are 200mg single gummies out there. I have been a degenerate smoker(1oz/month by myself anyway)for about 40 years and I would be reluctant to eat one of those.

If a lightweight gobbled that much THC, as pro weed as I am, and I am very pro weed, I could see that fucking them right up. The stories that have mentioned how much was consumed always indicate LOTS by an "inexperienced" doper.

Home made edibles are VERY hard to dose, and I can see it getting away from the cook in a dinner like that.
rylex said @ 8:01pm GMT on 29th Jul [Score:-1 WTF]
filtered comment under your threshold
mechanical contrivance said @ 2:56am GMT on 30th Jul [Score:1 Underrated]
Please don't do that anymore.
rylex said @ 2:42pm GMT on 30th Jul
no promises
rylex said[1] @ 7:44pm GMT on 29th Jul
we in the weed community dislike alice moon because she seeks attention and a career based off her condition.

have been blocked by her multiple times on multiple platforms for saying that she is not raising awareness, she is attention and cash seeking.

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