Friday, 1 October 2021

Six-Month Sentence for Lawyer Who Took on Chevron Denounced as 'International Outrage'

quote [ "This ruling was done to deter ANYONE from crossing corporate special interests." ]

Surprised I've never posted about Steven Donziger before.

Long story short he's a human rights lawyer who helped Ecuadorean people who were victims of Texaco's (now owned by Chevron) environmental malfeasance decades ago. He repeatedly won in Ecuador's courts, only to have the ruling overturned by US courts. He was then accused of corruption by Chevron, found in contempt of court (by a federalist judge with connections to Chevron) when he refused to reveal sources, and has been under house arrest for the past two years.

UN Says Steven Donziger’s House Arrest Violates International Law
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lilmookieesquire said @ 1:13am GMT on 2nd Oct [Score:2]
Many factors make the criminal charges against Donziger highly unusual. They were brought not by the state, but by a private prosecutor, Rita Glavin. U.S. District Court Judge Lewis Kaplan, who presided over a 2012 RICO case against Donziger, appointed Glavin to bring the charges after public prosecutors refused to do so, a move previously unheard of in the American judiciary. Further, until recently, Glavin worked at a firm that counted Chevron as a client.
yogi said @ 8:54pm GMT on 4th Oct [Score:1 Underrated]
There's no vote for anger, and this maltreatment of Donziger, whom I've known for more than 15 years, is horrifying. It's large corporate criminal activity supported by our crap justice system where one can buy their way out of jail.

The hypocrisy of big money really sucks. The NFL, Tesla, Tyson Foods, the oil companies, and all of them count human life as a cost/benefit calculation.

This crap just hurts.
cb361 said @ 9:03am GMT on 2nd Oct
This kind of thing is why I don't read the news.
mechanical contrivance said @ 9:15pm GMT on 2nd Oct
If no one posts it on SE, I don't know about it.

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