Friday, 31 July 2020

UNICEF “Smurfs” (2005, Belgium)

quote [ Hey kids! Ya wanna see Smurfs getting bombed? Well too bad! You’re gonna watch it anyways. ©️ 2005-2018 UNICEF/Peyo, all rights reserved. ]


FAQ: “Smurfs: What’s it all about?” | Press centre | UNICEF

[NSFW] [dystopian violence] [+2]
[by steele@1:50amGMT]


arrowhen said @ 5:35am GMT on 31st Jul
Gargamel did nothing wrong
cb361 said @ 10:16am GMT on 1st Aug
Smurfs are traitors, saboteurs, spies, conspirators, vermin, and infidels. It is absolutely necessary to eliminate the Smurf people in its entirety, so that there is no further Smurf on this earth and the very concept of Smurfdom is extinguished.

Rainbow Brite - 1985
mechanical contrivance said @ 1:20pm GMT on 1st Aug
Smurfs are communists.

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