Monday, 26 August 2019

The Obamas’ Factory Documentary Declines To Side With Workers

quote [ A billionaire factory owner versus a group of laborers trying to form a union, and you’re not going to take a political side? You can see from this how Obama’s idea of being morally elevated—taking the “higher ground”—actually means declining to take important moral stands even when the stakes are high and the justice of the situation is clear.

In American Factory, this means that the factory owner is given much more screen time than the union activists. We see his anguish, his laments. We do not get much background on the union organizers: how the campaign started, how many people are part of it, how they go about talking to other workers. Most of the time, the union campaign is a shadowy presence in the background, though we do see a few minutes of a rally and some workers singing “Solidarity Forever.” ]

American media promotes false balance on climate science, research shows

On the bright side, Bernie, Warren, and Biden are polling in a virtual tie in the latest Monmouth poll
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ComposerNate said @ 9:07pm GMT on 26th Aug
The manuscript score should have a Bb in the key signature, even if there are no Bs to flat.
steele said @ 11:27pm GMT on 26th Aug
Bb pls.
Hugh E. said @ 1:58am GMT on 27th Aug
Modal music needs no key notation.
ComposerNate said @ 8:34am GMT on 27th Aug
True, though I decided a union chant unlikely written in Dorian
mechanical contrivance said @ 1:08pm GMT on 27th Aug [Score:1 Funny]
In an attic somewhere, there's a painting of a union chant getting older.
rylex said @ 3:56am GMT on 27th Aug
bernie, warren, biden
vote for bernie, warren, biden
their campaign is like a movie
vote for bernie, warren, biden
bernie, warren, biden
their campaign is like a movie

i live, i die, i organize
democratically I revolutionize
they gonna build whats good for the entire state hood
Vote for Ds like this, really think you should
Vote for Bernia, Warren, Biden
Bernie, Warren, Biden
steele said @ 1:23pm GMT on 27th Aug
Maybe time to take a break from the shrooms? ;)
rylex said @ 8:08pm GMT on 27th Aug [Score:1 Funsightful]
maybe time to expand your horizons by listening to Dead Prez?
you should know i wouldnt vote for any of these white overlords

steele said @ 8:48pm GMT on 27th Aug
Horizons expanded, thank you. :)
endopol said @ 12:15am GMT on 2nd Sep
Just saw the documentary. I have to disagree. The Chairman was an obvious turd. The Chinese factory was mesmerizing, but self-consciously unsettling. The anti-Union Americans were real heels.

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