Thursday, 3 January 2019


quote [ The method by which the AI selects the worst possible piece is extremely simple to describe (test all possible locations of all possible pieces, see which of the pieces' best-case scenarios is the worst, then spawn that worst piece), but quite time-consuming to execute, so please forgive me if your browser chugs a little after locking each piece. ]

Too many S pieces. Now where is my line?

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[by satanspenis666@2:46amGMT]


ooo[......7 said @ 2:50am GMT on 3rd Jan
Oh my god, is this shit still around.


*plays again*
ooo[......7 said @ 2:53am GMT on 3rd Jan
Fuck, I tried to be clever and lost an opportunity to score 1 point. Lost with 0 again.
spaceloaf said @ 5:39am GMT on 3rd Jan
I got 4 on my first try. That's good enough for me.
spaceloaf said @ 5:49am GMT on 3rd Jan
Ok, I lied. I played it one more time and got 5.

Basically, you really have to play "against" the computer and anticipate what garbage it is going to drop on you.
biblebeltdrunk said @ 5:05pm GMT on 3rd Jan [Score:1 Underrated]
5 is my max as well. Though now I really just wish I could play tetris effect.
spaceloaf said @ 9:17pm GMT on 3rd Jan
Yes, Tetris Effect is so good.
R1Xhard said @ 10:16am GMT on 4th Jan
Showed my brother the game, on his first game I say he found an error in the code: I think another piece should of spawned
cb361 said @ 12:47pm GMT on 3rd Jan
Where's the lovetris?
mechanical contrivance said @ 2:50pm GMT on 3rd Jan
There's a Sextris. Is that good enough?
cb361 said @ 3:50pm GMT on 3rd Jan
You filthy heathen! You should be playing Christris, in which there is only one perfect tile shape. But really it's three.
Headlessfriar said @ 3:54pm GMT on 3rd Jan
Crosses don’t tesselate well.
cb361 said @ 4:12pm GMT on 3rd Jan
Tesselation is just a theory.
Ankylosaur said @ 5:17pm GMT on 3rd Jan
From Escher to Hitler!

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