Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Do You Use Comcast? Call Them, Please.

quote [ Comcast Corporation & NBCUniversal with at least $100,000. ]


If you have Comcast service, please voice your displeasure with their donating $100,000 to the campaign to elect Roy Moore, an accused child molester.

Now, it should be noted the money is laundered through the RNC PAC. However, that doesn't change much in my mind. My money is apparently going to support this in the end, and I refuse to have contributed a cent to cause a cause.
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[by kylemcbitch@11:17pmGMT]


steele said @ 2:52am GMT on 6th Dec [Score:2]
norok said @ 12:25am GMT on 6th Dec
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Complain to the company with the worst customer service in America. LOL
kylemcbitch said @ 12:42am GMT on 6th Dec
Meh, took me all of 10 minutes to do myself. Your mileage may vary.
eggboy said @ 2:32am GMT on 6th Dec
mechanical contrivance said @ 6:51pm GMT on 6th Dec
Comcast already knows everyone hates them. And they know it doesn't matter.
Fish said @ 4:33am GMT on 6th Dec [Score:-4 Troll]
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