Thursday, 5 January 2017

The Dark Secrets of a Tiny Tropical Island Occupied by Descendants of Pirates

quote [ There’s a paradise island in the Pacific Ocean that no one wants to live on. Food and water is plentiful, the land is fertile, it’s surrounded by the most pristine ocean habitat in the world, and yet a potential extinction of the island’s current population (primarily direct descendants of pirates who shipwrecked themselves here 200 years ago) has been predicted for 2045. ]
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HP Lovekraftwerk said @ 8:30pm GMT on 5th Jan
It's interesting, but this is "a dark secret" that's been aired so many times it's about as untold a story as molestation in the Catholic Church.
knumbknutz said @ 8:53pm GMT on 5th Jan
Sounds like we need to hook them up with the North Sentinel Island crew
mechanical contrivance said @ 8:55pm GMT on 5th Jan
They weren't pirates. They were mutineers.
cakkafracle said[2] @ 9:24pm GMT on 5th Jan
The distinction is an unneccessary quibble. Many Pirates also mutinized

edit: or are you saying there was no proof they robbed other ships at see so therefore they are not technically pirates...
mechanical contrivance said @ 9:47pm GMT on 5th Jan
Well, the crew that took the Bounty from Captain Bligh were definitely mutineers. That's what mutiny is. If they then robbed some ships before settling on Pitcairn Island, I never read about it.
midden said @ 10:10pm GMT on 5th Jan
As far as I know, they were never involved in piracy.
rylex said @ 11:55pm GMT on 5th Jan
this article implies they were involved in piracy.
HoZay said @ 12:23am GMT on 6th Jan
That's slander. They were only guilty of mutiny, theft of the ship, kidnapping, maybe rape, and murder. Definitely not pirates.
zarathustra said @ 2:30am GMT on 6th Jan
Mutiny and piracy are not mutually exclusive. Mutiny is the refusal to obey. Taking the ship for themselves is the piracy part. They could have put Bligh in irons until they reached a British port or gone to a neutral port and left the ship themselves leaving him with it.
midden said @ 3:56am GMT on 6th Jan
Yeah, I'll buy that. It makes sense.
fr3nzy said @ 10:39pm GMT on 5th Jan
I know a guy who married a Pitcairner. Bat shit crazy, as were her two sisters.

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