Sunday, 18 September 2016

At least 25 wounded in New York City blast

quote [ A large explosion in the Chelsea district of New York City leaves 25 people suffering minor injuries, officials say. ]
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pleaides said @ 4:27am GMT on 18th Sep
Just saw this on twitter;

"BREAKING: A second device has been discovered in #NYCExplosion; a pressure cooker allegedly with wires and a timer on it #ChelseaExplosion"

I really hope it's wrong
pleaides said @ 4:35am GMT on 18th Sep
This seems much more likely;

"Reports now are #Chelsea explosion might have been caused by chemicals in a construction dumpster at renovation site. #NYC"
HP Lovekraftwerk said @ 4:56am GMT on 18th Sep
I was going to say, if these weren't accidents, it seemed like the work of a terrorist who hates dumpsters or some young idiots who wanted to cause havoc but didn't know how big a bang their devices would cause.
JWWargo said @ 4:51am GMT on 18th Sep
No apparent connection, but the Times Square Theater was evacuated due to smoke.
XregnaR said @ 12:00pm GMT on 18th Sep
Police say it was "The initial indications is this was an intentional act" then say "no evidence at this point of a terror connection".

Yeah - bullshit. Setting off a device intentionally pretty much implies terrorism.

Mayor de Blasio says "there's no specific and credible threat against New York City at this time from any terror organization."

Time will tell, but most of the recent incidents were committed by loner assholes whose only association with a terror group is some kind of love note to Daesh.
papango said @ 7:01am GMT on 19th Sep
Not exactly. Building a bomb for shits and giggles, or to target your roommate who owes you money, is intentional, but not terrorism. Burning down a black church is terrorism; burning down your house for the insurance is not.

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