arrowhen said @ 11:21pm GMT on 1st Aug [Score:2]
mechanical contrivance said @ 7:10pm GMT on 21st May [Score:1 Informative]
The post number is 2^32/2. The greatest value of a signed 32 bit word, I think.
XregnaR said @ 6:27pm GMT on 21st May
I claim this interwebspacethingy in the name of fuckyou. Because fuckyou.
XregnaR said @ 6:28pm GMT on 21st May
Hmm, apparently there is a limit as to how far in the future you can travel. Was supposed to be post # 01100110011101010110001101101011011110010110111101110101
XregnaR said @ 7:36pm GMT on 21st May

Ah well, back to surfing the pr0nsweb.
XregnaR said @ 5:19pm GMT on 10th Jun
+1 this:
XregnaR said @ 3:49am GMT on 12th Jun
Some people are so poor, all they have is money.
XregnaR said @ 1:39pm GMT on 1st Aug
Wait, what?
XregnaR said @ 8:57pm GMT on 4th Aug
Didn't someone post a map of some kind show the approximate location of SE-ererers?
steele said @ 9:00pm GMT on 4th Aug
Might be in the early entries. I don't know if it ever made it over.
XregnaR said @ 3:11pm GMT on 5th Aug
Word. I seem to recall you being based here in Georgia. I moved out to the boonies (northern Cherokee County) recently from Roswell, never looked back. I now refer to that whole suburban hell zone as "Concrete Land".
steele said @ 4:35pm GMT on 5th Aug
Nope, various areas of Florida for now. After new years, I'll hopefully be visiting the rest of the country.
XregnaR said @ 5:32pm GMT on 5th Aug
OK, someone else then. Enjoy the travels.
steele said @ 7:01pm GMT on 5th Aug
lalanda said @ 6:44pm GMT on 5th Aug
It was some site where you had to register to post a location, so a lot of us didn't bother.
XregnaR said @ 4:39pm GMT on 12th Sep
XregnaR said @ 1:02pm GMT on 1st Oct
XregnaR said @ 7:03pm GMT on 9th Mar
Hmm, fuck you then, eh?
XregnaR said @ 7:56pm GMT on 14th May
XregnaR said @ 5:46pm GMT on 20th Aug
Some days you're the windshield, some days you're the bug.
XregnaR said @ 9:22pm GMT on 10th Mar
Give me an "F"...
mechanical contrivance said @ 9:30pm GMT on 10th Mar [Score:1 Funny]
XregnaR said @ 8:28pm GMT on 29th Mar
This is why I can;t have nice things.
XregnaR said @ 8:28pm GMT on 29th Mar
My only friend, the end.
XregnaR said[1] @ 7:46pm GMT on 19th Apr
LumpyCustard said @ 6:42am GMT on 5th Dec
Lol cool post bro

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