Friday, 3 February 2023

‘Robin Hood’ Strikes In France

quote [ France has been roiled by protests over President Emmanuel Macron’s proposal to raise the retirement age. On both January 19 and 31, over a million people across the country took part in demonstrations, and last week, workers with the CGT union took a more radical approach: they provided free energy as part of so-called “Robin Hood” operations. Many members of the CGT, one of France’s largest labor unions, work in key energy sectors like oil refineries and power grids. In workers’ assemblies in Paris, Marseilles, Lille, and other cities, they unanimously decided to provide free energy for low-income households, hospitals, schools, and other public buildings and services. Workers also cut power for several hours to the office of a lawmaker from Macron’s party, disabled speed cameras, and manipulated electricity and gas meters to reduce bills for small business owners. ]

Shit has been getting pretty real in France the past few days. Macron proposed raising the retirement age and so the people have demanded it be lowered.😂😂😂

Why more people are supporting the retirement strikes in France

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mechavolt said @ 9:16pm GMT on 3rd Feb [Score:1 Funsightful]
This is why we can have nice things.

The ones in power only have it because the people gave it to them. Take it back if you have to.
avid said @ 11:12am GMT on 5th Feb
This doesn't seem like a very reasonable desire on the part of the people, however.

The life expectancy in France has increased by 3 years for women, and nearly 5 years for men.

The birth rate is also dropping, so an inverse pyramid is forming.

Maintaining the same retirement age isn't a sustainable formula. It's the old stealing candy from babies.
steele said @ 7:53pm GMT on 5th Feb
France has 42 billionaires as of 2021. The top 10 net a total of about about 440 billion dollars. And you think it's retired people stealing the candy from babies?
avid said @ 9:47pm GMT on 9th Feb [Score:-1 Boring]
$440 billion off a population of 70 million is frankly, impressive. That's $6,285 per person. I assume these billionaires must be making money off of the entire globe, not just France. Anyway, they can both be true. Massive inequality is bad, but it's a separate problem. Generational inequality and old people voting/protesting themselves a part of their children's paychecks is also not so good.

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