Wednesday, 14 September 2022

15,000 Healthcare Workers Are Out on the Largest Private-Sector Nurses Strike in U.S. History

quote [ Claiming that nurses are continually being expected to go against their own moral compass while on the job, Anaas said that hospital administrators are corporatizing healthcare, in part by advising nurses to use ​“cookie cutter patient plans” rather than rely on their own expertise.

On Monday, September 12, around 15,000 nurses in Minnesota walked off the job for a three-day strike, citing staffing and safety concerns as well as ongoing contract disputes at 15 hospitals in the Twin Cities and Duluth metro areas. ]

U.S. Railroad Workers Inch Closer to a Possible National Strike

Massive labor uprisings are about the only thing giving me hope nowadays. But it does mean we are going to be seeing shit hit the fan in these coming years as covid/long covid kills off more people and removes more people from the workforce. If you thought we had supply chain issues before, you ain't seen nothing yet.
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