Monday, 12 September 2022

The reality of legal weed in California: Huge illegal grows, violence, worker exploitation and deaths

quote [ Illegal cannabis farms are engulfing parts of California and exploiting farmworkers who labor in squalid, deadly conditions, a Times investigation finds. ]

Legalization expanded illegal activities and human trafficking (exploited laborers brought in from overseas with no pay and their visas withheld). It's the same way with the increase in demand for guacamole all year round put avocado farmers in Central and South America in danger from Cartel and local gangs, stealing/selling the crops for themselves.

Used archive to bypass paywall of LA Time article.

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mechavolt said @ 4:03am GMT on 13th Sep
I'm still in favor of legalization. But not like this. Capitalism ruins fucking everything.
cb361 said @ 6:28am GMT on 13th Sep
Communist weed was sweet.
mechavolt said @ 7:40pm GMT on 13th Sep
I'm not so much of a fan of the communist weed, either.
Hugh E. said @ 12:37am GMT on 14th Sep
Capitalism gotta capitalize.
rylex said @ 4:06pm GMT on 14th Sep
it's because legalization ruins everything. Decrim or die.
rylex said @ 2:54pm GMT on 13th Sep
im actually involved in the industry. this article is missing a LOT of info. like how lots of the now illegal grows were once legal, or applied for permitting but were intentionally left out of the lotteries used to award permits.

and lets not mention all the grows that stopped being legal this year by choice due to inability to continue legally due to retarded high taxes on legal canna in CA
damnit said @ 3:05pm GMT on 13th Sep
rylex said @ 3:58pm GMT on 13th Sep
it's not a common occurence. the cartel aligned grows i have known and worked paid the workers. same for the hmong and the bulgarians. yes, the trafficking for slaves to grow pot does happen but not as commonly as the law or media want you to believe
Anonynonymous said @ 2:26pm GMT on 17th Sep
That's not a uniquely marijuana grows problem, though.

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