Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Citations Needed: How Notions of ‘Blight’ and ‘Barrenness’ Were Manufactured to Erase Indigenous Peoples

quote [ The Marshall Trilogy is picked up and used in Australia, in New Zealand, in Canada, all over the world, anywhere where settler states are building, and they are using the United States’ argument saying that these Native people, they have the right of occupancy, but because they are these backward, primitive people, they have no right to property, and that’s all done through the letter of the law, that’s made into good policy, right? It naturalizes dispossession by saying, ‘Well, that’s a law.’ ]

A fascinating episode that covers settlement and gentrification methods that have been used throughout history and even still in the present day.
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endopol said[2] @ 4:08pm GMT on 7th Apr
Chávez Ravine. CHA-vess. Not SHA-vess or shuh-VEZZ. It's not French. Stop gentrifying Spanish!
endopol said @ 4:19pm GMT on 7th Apr
Sure it's a colonial language, but it's what the poor people are speaking right now. Which, IMO, is why its pronunciation is being supplanted by the higher-status French.
steele said @ 6:18pm GMT on 7th Apr

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