Friday, 21 January 2022

Louie Anderson Dies: Comedian & Emmy Winner Was 68

quote [ The Baskets star died Friday morning in Las Vegas, where he had entered hospital this week for treatment of diffuse large B cell lymphoma, a form of cancer, his longtime publicist Glenn Schwartz told Deadline. ]

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mechanical contrivance said @ 8:06pm GMT on 21st Jan
A lot of famous people dying lately. I blame the fragility of life.
steele said @ 8:13pm GMT on 21st Jan
No, I'm pretty sure Henry Kissinger is behind this somehow.
cb361 said @ 11:56pm GMT on 21st Jan
The Illuminati’s plot to reduce the human population by 90% is moving into its final stage.
steele said @ 1:19am GMT on 22nd Jan
Nah, just him trying to keep himself alive by sacrificing others. Fucker needs to die already.
C18H27NO3 said @ 12:03pm GMT on 22nd Jan
I thought it was george soros.
Hugh E. said @ 9:21pm GMT on 23rd Jan
André Leon Talley, Meat Loaf, and Louie Anderson: The widest range of fat guys ever.
Bruceski said[1] @ 11:13pm GMT on 22nd Jan
Is there a word for feeling sad about the passing of someone you thought was already dead?
Paracetamol said @ 6:57am GMT on 23rd Jan

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