Friday, 16 April 2021

Who's donating all this money to Kyle Rittenhouse? Police officers

quote [ Officers and officials also donated to fundraisers for far-right activists and fellow officers accused of shooting black Americans ]

This is why Trump thought a fascist coup could work with just the support of the police and not the military.
[SFW] [dystopian violence] [+3]
[by the circus@4:23pmGMT]


v0rteck said[1] @ 3:26pm GMT on 17th Apr
I call these people...deplorable.
Dienes said @ 3:26pm GMT on 17th Apr
And you just know that those cops call themselves the "good ones."
the circus said @ 7:05pm GMT on 17th Apr
As one cop literally included with his donation, "... You’ve done nothing wrong.”

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