Friday, 4 December 2020

Free VR Porn Videos - 2020 Advent Calendar

quote [ Get one FREE VR Porn Video every day until Christmas! ]

BaDoinkVR is doing their christmas vr porn advent calendar again. Word.
[NSFW] [pr0n] [+4 Hot Pr0n]
[by steele@11:33pmGMT]


slaytanik said @ 5:30am GMT on 5th Dec [Score:1 WTF]
Need an advent colander though ?
Advent Colander
doctorgeek said @ 2:31am GMT on 9th Dec [Score:1 Funsightful]
The first time I tried good VR porn was the closest I felt to cheating on my wife. Amazing - we've come so far since forest porn.

Someone here - on SE... no, not THIS one... I mean... the ORIGINAL Sensible Erection. Someone in a comment said something like:
"We will have sex with Robots in our lifetime."

I always remembered that brilliant visionary comment.

And now, VR Porn Brothers, we're halfway fucking there. And I'm still alive to see it - and I'm keeping the goddam faith.

Peace, SE Brothers.

snowfox said @ 11:22pm GMT on 9th Dec
Modern problem for monogamous couples: VR porn.

Apparently a lot of people feel like the first person stuff is too uncomfortably close to cheating. They have an agreement within the relationship to only do third person... so 3D porn, passive observer.

This relationship issue goes back at least to cam girls and I bet we could trace it back to peep shows. A Hustler magazine can't interact with you, but a woman behind glass can. A porn movie online can't interact with you, but a cam girl can. Anything that's first person and interactive gets deemed cheating or adjacent, while third person passive is more permissible.

I wonder how long until someone writes a book or dissertation about this.
SnappyNipples said @ 12:41am GMT on 10th Dec
Porn? First time I saw some Youtube vids it was like being given a lapdance...and thats on my cheap oculus vibe was like holy smokes....
steele said @ 2:21am GMT on 10th Dec
Okay, but to be fair, the Oculus Go is amazing for porn and pretty much all video. SkyboxVR on the desktop and on the Go make a great combo for streaming 180 porn and non-porn 3d films.

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