Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Saints once did abortions – it was a lesser sin than oral sex

quote [ Today’s repeated refrain that “you can’t be Catholic and pro-choice” indicates an ignorance of history and a disregard for the views of the majority of Catholics themselves, who hold much more progressive values than church leaders generally allow, including in Ireland. ]

Sorry, another religiously motivated stance on the subject
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donnie said @ 12:19am GMT on 12th Nov
Well, you won't get the religious right to agree to blowjobs either, so saying that abortion was slightly less bad doesn't seem like a terribly resounding argument.
arrowhen said @ 1:27pm GMT on 12th Nov
Well, no, they won't agree to a blowjob right away. You have to buy them dinner first or dress like a sexy altar boy.
zarathustra said @ 10:51am GMT on 12th Nov
Not surprising. The bible says if you think someone else knocked up your wife to take her to the temple for an abortion. Can't be all bad.
eggboy said @ 11:42am GMT on 12th Nov
The Ordeal of the Bitter Water is truly fucked up, even with the most generous of interpretations
lilmookieesquire said @ 8:34pm GMT on 13th Nov
I mean churches used to be leading educational centers and spawned a lot of universities across the US.

That relationship still exists, but I don’t associate churches with education anymore, really, as a whole.

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