Friday, 2 October 2020

Fucking Lol

quote [ It's believed the President is currently trying to figure out whether to inject hand sanitiser or simply drink it from the bottle. ]

“If elected, Mr Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”
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[by eggboy@5:49amGMT]


steele said @ 11:53am GMT on 2nd Oct [Score:5 Funny]
coffeejoejava said @ 12:40pm GMT on 3rd Oct [Score:-3 Boring]
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arrowhen said @ 12:05am GMT on 4th Oct [Score:0 Underrated]
Oh, come on. Even if you like the guy, that's solid humor.
damnit said @ 8:12am GMT on 2nd Oct [Score:2]
Tragedy + Timing = Comedy.
Franger Sanger said @ 3:16am GMT on 3rd Oct
Covfefe = COVID-19 + Iron-y.
knumbknutz said @ 3:01pm GMT on 2nd Oct [Score:2]
The guy's a lying sack of shit, but, faking a positive test in order to change the political narrative or gain sympathy, or just get out of the next debate, or [insert whatever you got here]. I just don't buy it.

His top campaign advisors and staff will now need to quarantine or will be side-lined during a crucial phase of the election with just over 30 days to go. Can’t hold his bigly "I luv me and my proud boyz" rallies. His fundraising abilities are pooched, and, his taxes show he has zero dollars personally to compensate.

There’s just too much at stake for him and his team to be out of commission.

The markets are completely spooked today, which, as the only thing Trump likes to point to still holding up in the economy (yeah yeah - I know, that's a whole other conversation) so it is obvious wall-street investors decided that the uncertainty around this is one step too far. As we know - this is the one thing he does NOT want to panic.

Mostly, it's because he was desperately trying to change the narrative away from the pandemic towards something, ANYTHING, else — race riots, the Supreme Court, the economic "recovery" — but this puts CV19, and his moronic non-actions and deaths of hundreds of thousands of American lives squarely back into sharp focus. That's pretty much all the media will talk about until he is either better or incapacitated, and that is a complete and utter disaster for Trump.

He's not lying. He's not doing some kind of "4D chess." Hell - If he is, then he's even dumber than we already know he is, which is pretty fucking hard to top.

Let's see how Biden plays this, but I imagine he will not come out mocking or triumphant. Best to stay classy, and let the press do its job of asking McEneny what the White House’s position now is on masks, social distancing, indoor rallies, and a national plan now that the narcissist has been touched by it.
ScoobySnacks said @ 6:32am GMT on 2nd Oct [Score:1 Funsightful]
ooo[......7 said @ 6:14am GMT on 2nd Oct
Spyike said @ 6:57am GMT on 2nd Oct
Good for him. Just in time to have a full recovery proving how powerful he is before November, or giving him a good reason to duck out of the race he's been losing from the start without really losing face. Either way he can point to all the online commentary and say how mean and nasty and heartless the left are. Anyway, anyone remember 12 hours ago when we were talking about how badly he did in the debate? No me neither.
eggboy said @ 8:53am GMT on 2nd Oct [Score:1 Underrated]
He's not ducking out of the race, if he's not president, he's going to prison. And when has he ever given a fuck about face? The dude is a literal orange TV clown
arrowhen said @ 5:31pm GMT on 2nd Oct [Score:1 Underrated]
Nah, Biden would pardon him because Democrats hate winning.
hellboy said @ 9:29pm GMT on 2nd Oct
Biden can pardon him all he wants, he can't do shit about state charges (and Leticia James is not playing games), nor can he do anything about the $400 million (at least) that Dumpster owes to persons unknown (which is coming due in a couple years) but can't pay.

This is very bad news for the shitgibbon.
coffeejoejava said @ 12:42pm GMT on 3rd Oct [Score:-3 Troll]
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eggboy said @ 7:40am GMT on 2nd Oct
Something something white supremacists? Tax returns? Nevermind Vita Severn just died tragically
cb361 said @ 7:57am GMT on 2nd Oct
This is definitely the second loudest I've ever laughed when a penniliess old man catches pneumonia.

Oh, what am I saying? They're all good.
gendo666 said @ 7:20am GMT on 3rd Oct
Oh he's going to decline - then all of a sudden they will try the new vaccine on him.
The first! The best!
and he will rise like jebbus and sell that snake oil to the public.

Or the chronically obese man will stroke out and die.
cb361 said @ 7:38am GMT on 2nd Oct
I hadn’t heard of this guy before. Is his wife famous?
eggboy said @ 7:56am GMT on 2nd Oct
Yeah I think she did porn or something
Jack Blue said @ 8:58am GMT on 2nd Oct
If he bites it, will they put Pence up for election instead?
eggboy said @ 9:06am GMT on 2nd Oct
Nah, he's just a politician. They know they can't win with someone like him, they need someone that everyone already knows on such short notice. They'll chuck up Tucker Carlson or Bill O'Reilly instead.
Jack Blue said @ 10:38am GMT on 2nd Oct [Score:2]
Vince McMahon.
knumbknutz said @ 3:03pm GMT on 2nd Oct
Hell - why not? That abortion of a debate looked more like an old school WWE shit talking fest than anything else, anyway.
arrowhen said @ 5:29pm GMT on 2nd Oct
WWE had better script writers.
knumbknutz said @ 9:52pm GMT on 2nd Oct [Score:2 Funny]
True - but it would have been sweet to see "OOOOOO....HERE COMES BERNIE SANDERS FROM BEHIND, WITH A STEEL CHAIR...."
gendo666 said @ 7:22am GMT on 3rd Oct
What about Kid Rock stepping up to the plate?
Jack Blue said @ 7:44pm GMT on 3rd Oct
Who is that?
mechanical contrivance said @ 3:25pm GMT on 4th Oct
A conservative musician.
mechanical contrivance said @ 2:02pm GMT on 2nd Oct
It was inevitable.
TM said @ 3:44pm GMT on 2nd Oct
I did not realize you could contract a hoax.
cb361 said @ 4:06pm GMT on 2nd Oct [Score:2]
There's a lot of it about.
hellboy said @ 9:25pm GMT on 2nd Oct
You can't. The only explanation is that he's bravely going undercover to expose the Biden-Sanders pedophile ring on behalf of Q-Anon and all of us. I tear up whenever I think about it.
yunnaf said @ 12:06am GMT on 3rd Oct
Where's the FAKE NEWS
ComposerNate said @ 11:32am GMT on 3rd Oct
One of its heads appeared to be fatally wounded, but its fatal wound was healed. The whole earth was amazed and followed the beast.
zarathustra said @ 1:43pm GMT on 3rd Oct
This might create some interesting issues with the supreme court nomination if trump has to go on a ventilator.
eggboy said @ 10:14pm GMT on 3rd Oct
It looks like trying to ram a new justice in was the spreader event. Chris Christie just tested positive making 7.
They should have respected her wishes and waited.
Ruth Bader Ghostsburg said @ 11:03pm GMT on 3rd Oct [Score:1 Funny]
To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell's heart, I stab at thee; For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee.
LurkerAtTheGate said @ 1:51am GMT on 6th Oct [Score:1 Funsightful]
I'm already seeing the Rose Garden party to announce the nominee referred to as "The Red Vetting." The Ginsbergs send their regards.
Headlessfriar said @ 3:19am GMT on 4th Oct
So, enough republicans are in quarantine that they don't have a senate majority. Can we sink Barrett's nomination now?
zarathustra said @ 6:10am GMT on 4th Oct [Score:1 Informative]
I don't know if just being under quarantine would keep them from being able to vote but if Trump needs to hand over power there will temporarily be no vice president to cast a tie breaking vote. Given that two GOP senators have already said they would vote NO the projected numbers would be 51-49. That means 51 senators all with a very valuable vote to sell to the party leadership for concessions to their personal projects. Things could get ugly.

( of course the dream scenario would be both trump and pence temporarily disabled and Pelosi withdrawing the nomination and making one of her own.)
cb361 said @ 6:45pm GMT on 6th Oct

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