Saturday, 19 September 2020

'A Felony Just to Own': The Sleazy Story Behind Penthouse’s Most Controversial Issue

quote [ One scandal would’ve been enough. ]

I peeked at the pictures, but never knew
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zarathustra said @ 5:24am GMT on 19th Sep
This is why you should never look at 80s stuff on pornhub.
EvilNinjaX24 said @ 5:50am GMT on 19th Sep
I read this article earlier this evening, and was disappointed in the way it tailed off into an ad for the author's podcast, and didn't get into much of the Traci Lords part of this story.

As an aside, I used to "own" this issue - took it from father's Playboy & Penthouse stash strictly for the Vanessa Williams shots, and had it for YEARS afterward, not really knowing that it was basically illegal to own, but lost it when I lost the storage unit I had it in. Someone out there has a well-worn copy of that issue (as well as the follow-up issue with more of the Vanessa Williams pics), and I'm kinda glad I no longer have it.
HoZay said @ 9:26am GMT on 19th Sep
Vanessa was gorgeous, and those photos were quite memorable. Too bad all the men in the story were such dicks.
simnel said @ 8:16pm GMT on 19th Sep
The pod is really quite interesting as it tries to figure out who outed Traci Lords. I has that issue - got it when it came out. No idea what happened to it - probably for the best...

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