Thursday, 2 January 2020

New Year in Los Angeles

quote [ Kinda weird for a Soviet immigrant like me to realize that you fled one failing society only to end up in a society that was also entering an accelerated phase of decline and degradation. ]

Citations Needed did a really good 2 parter on reporting around homelessness and how much of the rhetoric surrounding it is often weaponized against the victims in order to push forth agendas of business and real estate interests at a local level, and then shifting cultural norms at a national level.

Episode 85: Incitement Against the Homeless (Part I) — The Infestation Rhetoric of Local News

Episode 86: Incitement Against the Homeless (Part II) — The Exterminationist Rhetoric of Fox News

On the Bright Side, the Bernie Sanders campaign has reported a record breaking $34.5 million raised for the final quarter of 2019 with nearly 300,000 new donors.
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