Friday, 30 August 2019

I let bee sting me on the penis and the scrotum to see which hurt more

quote [ “We ­speculated it probably really would hurt to get stung in the testicles. Two days later, by chance, I did get stung there."

“But I was really surprised that it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would.”

So, in the name of science, he put himself through the pain barrier. ]

Don't ask how I found this, just absorb it like I did.

It's great.
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ooo[......7 said @ 9:07am GMT on 30th Aug [Score:1 Interesting]
Also, what the fuck is this?

5th Earth said @ 2:30pm GMT on 30th Aug [Score:1 Insightful]
"by chance"
lilmookieesquire said @ 10:21pm GMT on 30th Aug
"Chance" is the name of his Bee Keeper.
Hugh E. said @ 11:56am GMT on 30th Aug
Oh, Oh, I know! It hurt the bee more!
What do I win?
mechanical contrivance said @ 1:02pm GMT on 30th Aug
A handjob, but you have to do it yourself.
Hugh E. said @ 3:58pm GMT on 30th Aug
Then what was the bee there for?
mechanical contrivance said @ 4:31pm GMT on 30th Aug
Dirty talk.
Hugh E. said @ 5:01pm GMT on 30th Aug [Score:1 Funny]
That's what all the buzz was about?
zenviper said @ 12:59pm GMT on 30th Aug
snowfox said @ 11:32pm GMT on 31st Aug
A bee flew up my shorts once. It was very fuzzy and fluffy. It left. I have never been stung. Landed on many times, followed around, but never stung.

So the next study is - what in the biochemistry of your skin oil/sweat makes bees and wasps decide they hate you, or conversely decide that you are their god?
ooo[......7 said @ 2:28am GMT on 1st Sep
Fuzzy bees are likely bumblebees. Bumblebees mostly do not have stingers.

You got lucky twice.
snowfox said @ 10:18am GMT on 2nd Sep
I admit I may now be sexually attracted to bees. And fear.
rhesusmonkey said @ 3:49am GMT on 3rd Sep
Waste of bees. At least use wasps or hornets or something else that is less useful and fundamental to our survival.

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