Saturday, 30 March 2019

Move over Internet, Russia to test switch to nationwide LAN

quote [ Earlier this year, Russia announced plans to briefly disconnect its internet from the rest of the world by or on April 1. The scheduled exercise was intended to test its ability to create an isolated, sovereign internet. However, it’s unclear if the test will proceed on the original timeline. ... If and when the test is conducted, Russians won’t find themselves entirely without the internet—they just won’t be able to receive and send data beyond Russian borders. ]

в советской россии, нет интер тебя!
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[by Ankylosaur@11:38pmGMT]


thepublicone said @ 4:02pm GMT on 31st Mar
Anyone else immediately think when reading this that the next logical step for Russia after creating their own internet would be to kill/cripple the global one?
Hugh E. said @ 10:39am GMT on 1st Apr
Without the internet what would Russia use to get its assets elected president?

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