Sunday, 18 November 2018

What's the largest amount of bad code you have ever seen work? | Hacker News

quote [ The second-system effect (also known as second-system syndrome) is the tendency of small, elegant, and successful systems, to be succeeded by over-engineered, bloated systems, due to inflated expectations and overconfidence. ]

Holy mother … read these for instant headaches. The second-system effect means that over time, good code wears off, being continually replaced by bad code – that no programmer dares to touch anymore.

This complements pieces like What Is Code? and Programming Sucks. Thumb via Prelinger Archive.

In other news …

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mechavolt said @ 8:48pm GMT on 18th Nov [Score:4 Sad]
Mine isn't too bad, but I was hired on to clean up some existing data processing code and make it run more efficiently. The existing code took something like 6 hours to run, was like 1000 lines long, and had all of these needless, complicated arrays with convoluted transposing to get them lined up. I came in, took out all of the arrays, used some simple do loops and got the code down to 200 lines and running in 30 minutes. My code was rejected because their lead programmer at the time refused to believe that it could run that fast since "arrays are more efficient than do loops".
Paracetamol said @ 8:54pm GMT on 18th Nov
If you read these accounts, a lot of the atrocities seem to be rooted in personal conflicts, missing empathy, decisions from single persons and so on … very human indeed.
backSLIDER said @ 6:17pm GMT on 19th Nov
Just remember, computers don't make mistakes, they do what they do on purpose.
satanspenis666 said[1] @ 2:30am GMT on 19th Nov [Score:2 Funsightful]
I only program in power point....
On The Turing Completeness of PowerPoint
Marcel said @ 5:19am GMT on 19th Nov [Score:2]
As a person with only a rudimentary knowledge of coding, the largest amount of bad code that I've ever seen work was probably Windows 95.
captainstubing said @ 11:18am GMT on 20th Nov
Some of this isn't too far from the idea that sports cars get worse with every model as time passes.

Too many cocks spoil the brothel.

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