Friday, 15 June 2018

U.S. judge sends ex-Trump campaign head Manafort to jail pre-trial

quote [ A judge on Friday sent longtime Republican political operator and businessman Paul Manafort to jail pending trial after a charge of witness tampering, the latest episode in a slow fall from grace of a man who was President Donald Trump's campaign chairman in 2016. ]

"Manafort has nothing to do with our campaign." -- Trump, today, referring to his 2016 presidential campaign manager.

I have to ask - is it just me, or has the crazo-nutbag-kookooferkokopuffs meter been turned up past 11 to 13.9 today?
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bbqkink said @ 9:42pm GMT on 15th Jun
knumbknutz said @ 10:34pm GMT on 15th Jun
There is this going on as well...

President Donald Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen has indicated to family and friends he is willing to cooperate with federal investigators to alleviate the pressure on himself and his family, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Cohen has expressed anger with the treatment he has gotten from the President, who has minimized his relationship with Cohen, and comments from the President's lawyer Rudy Giuliani, the source said. The treatment has left him feeling isolated and more open to cooperating, the source said.
bbqkink said @ 11:27pm GMT on 15th Jun
It is coming at Trump from all directions now.

Robert Mueller files request for 150 blank subpoenas in Paul Manafort case

The 150 blank subpoenas amount to 75 total possible subpoenas โ€” in each case, a subpoena is needed for the witness and another is needed for the defense. Court documents filed in April show that Mueller's team was pushing to subpoena 35 witnesses in the trial.

Not only that there was whole new investigation and civil suit filled against him and his campaine .

Corrupt 'foundation' catches up with Trump in new NYAG lawsuit

And then Manafort goes to DC jail full of cockroaches and with metal bunks.
bbqkink said @ 11:28pm GMT on 16th Jun
ComposerNate said @ 11:49am GMT on 16th Jun
Cohen has committed a list of crimes for Trump over the last decades. Why would Trump now want to associate with such a criminal?
hellboy said @ 7:24am GMT on 17th Jun
Why, he barely knew the guy.
HoZay said @ 1:54am GMT on 16th Jun
hellboy said @ 4:03am GMT on 16th Jun
Every time the media hears the word "pardon" they should be saying "is that an admission of guilt?"

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