Thursday, 24 May 2018

Pornhub launches VPNhub, its own virtual private network app

quote [ “Adult entertainment” giant Pornhub is entering the busy virtual private network (VPN) space with the launch of its very own VPN service. Dubbed VPNhub, the new service is available for… ]

Master baiters of all countries : rejoice! You can now be browsing safe !
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avid said @ 3:59pm GMT on 24th May [Score:1 Underrated]
Facebook has a VPN too. Why? Rumor is that it helps with corporate intelligence. You can tell if that app startup's numbers are as good as they say they are, and also identify acquisition targets before they start getting press.

The bigger point is that a VPN just keeps your stuff private between yourself and the VPN provider. Pornhub can go from collecting 5 minutes a day of fap data, to hours per day of all your internet traffic. The data value is potentially enormous.

Even better, people that pay for the premium tier have given Pornhub their payment details, so they could use the info to make it easier to safely and "discreetly" pay for porn, i.e. become the Amazon of porn, and collect 30%.
Anonynonymous said @ 11:36pm GMT on 24th May
What if those countries block the vpns as well?

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