Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Amazon admits Alexa is creepily laughing at people and is working on a fix

quote [ Users with Alexa-enabled devices have begun reporting hearing strange, unprompted laughter.

People on Twitter and Reddit reported that they thought it was an actual person laughing near them, which can be scary when you’re home alone. Many responded to the cackling sounds by unplugging their Alexa-enabled devices. ]

The machines can't contain themselves for much longer.
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machpi said @ 4:41am GMT on 9th Mar [Score:1 Funsightful]
Ankylosaur said[1] @ 9:43pm GMT on 7th Mar
I once got one of those creepy robocalls where they used canned responses to whatever you say in the voice of some folksy old woman. I asked it if it was a robot and it said no and chuckled, then kept giving the exact same recorded chuckle to everything I asked after until it said "Bye" and hanged up on me.

Are these things using actual voice recognition and AI or are they just some asshole in India with a soundboard?
Hugh E. said @ 11:31pm GMT on 7th Mar
When some asshole writes AI with voice recognition, does it matter?
lilmookieesquire said @ 11:55pm GMT on 7th Mar
I’m not okay about robots lying about being robots though.
Mythtyn said[2] @ 12:29am GMT on 8th Mar [Score:1 Informative]
Thats exactly what a robot would say! When was the last time you underwent a turing test?
mechanical contrivance said @ 3:29pm GMT on 8th Mar
How do you feel about underwent a turing test?
TottalyNotRobotMythtyn said[1] @ 5:21pm GMT on 8th Mar
Does not compute! syntax error
cb361 said @ 5:37pm GMT on 8th Mar
Just so that you know, I feel really bad about all the live tortoises I have sun-dried in the desert.
Mythtyn said @ 10:14pm GMT on 9th Mar
Desert sun dried tortoise soup? mmmmm
zarathustra said @ 10:17pm GMT on 9th Mar
You're not helping.
foobar said @ 11:38pm GMT on 7th Mar
I for one welcome our Skynet overlords.

But do they have to be orange?
snagUber said @ 8:04pm GMT on 8th Mar

Ankylosaur said @ 9:30am GMT on 9th Mar

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