Saturday, 17 February 2018

Airbnb and the Unintended Consequences of 'Disruption'

quote [ Airbnb expanded the availability of beds for visitors, gave young tourists a more authentic taste of their urban destination, and kept prices down for all travelers.

But Airbnb's success also encouraged dubious behavior on the part of “commercial” power users—property owners who listed downtown units (especially second residences) all year long, as if they were hotel rooms. Why would would that be a problem? Open apartments occupied for much of the year by Airbnb-using travelers reduce the number of available homes to people who want to move into that building. ]

Another driver of housing shortage and higher rents.

Gentrification became low-income lending law’s unintended consequence
Community Reinvestment loans intended to help low-income residents of blighted neighborhoods are more likely to go to white buyers, pushing minorities out.
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daboo said @ 10:27pm GMT on 17th Feb [Score:2 Sad]
I don't know if this is explicitly related, but seems to be pretty darn near dead these days. I went to try to find a host while traveling recently, and only got one response, which was a person saying they'd moved months ago and hadn't updated their profile.
HoZay said[1] @ 6:51pm GMT on 17th Feb
Trump Tax Cuts Force a Portland Affordable Housing Developer to Cut Costs—By Trimming Wages
More unintended consequences: tax cuts lower the value of tax credits, which finance new affordable housing.
damnit said[2] @ 4:47am GMT on 18th Feb
Would this be the same disruption caused by Uber and Lyft on cab unions?
foobar said @ 6:21am GMT on 18th Feb
It's not all that clear that Uber pays less than taxi companies, though.
discolemonade2.0 said @ 2:17am GMT on 19th Feb
Theres an air bnb above the apartment i live in. Even though i live in an area where its illegal. Also a friend of mine (a single mom) lost her house to an air bnb so yeah
Fuck em
Fish said @ 7:17pm GMT on 17th Feb [Score:-5 Troll]
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