Thursday, 1 February 2018

SF will wipe thousands of marijuana convictions off the books

quote [ San Francisco will retroactively apply California's marijuana-legalization laws to past criminal cases, District Attorney George Gascón said Wednesday - expunging or reducing misdemeanor and felony convictions going back decades.

The unprecedented move will affect thousands of people whose marijuana convictions brand them with criminal histories that can hurt chances of finding jobs and obtaining some government benefits.

Proposition 64, which state voters passed in November 2016, legalized the recreational use of marijuana in California for those 21 and older and permitted the possession up to 1 ounce of cannabis. ]

It's a start. Now we need this to go statewide.
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[by raphael_the_turtle@5:20pmGMT]


rylex said @ 6:46pm GMT on 1st Feb
San francisco has the worst cops and prosecutors in the Bay Area these days. It's amazing to see this.
Oakland said[1] @ 9:25pm GMT on 1st Feb
Hold my beer.

oops, that was supposed to be a sub of rylex.

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