Tuesday, 9 January 2018

I saw it with my own eyes. Not seen in over a year and feared dead. I saw Bipartisanship led by none other than Donald Trump, it was a curious and unsteady animal, but it was there for all to see.

quote [ Trump suggests 2-phase immigration deal for ‘Dreamers’ ]

In a approximately 1 hour meeting led by Trump...there was a bipartisan discussion on imagination border security the Dreamers and yes a wall. I sat there with my mouth open waiting for the partisan name calling and out right refusals on ideology...THAT NEVER HAPPENED!

I don't have a clue what any of this meant...it is brand new...it looked good...also a new concept....very confused.

Breitbart has not lost their minds yet...still unsure what is going on...

Donald Trump Calls for DACA Amnesty ‘Bill of Love’ and Wall Funding: ‘You Need the Wall’
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bbqkink said[1] @ 1:30am GMT on 10th Jan [Score:1 laz0r]
bbqkink said @ 7:27pm GMT on 10th Jan
Rachel Maddow reads highlights from the Fusion GPS Senate Judiciary transcript in which co-founder Glenn Simpson describes the broad scope of their project and how the opacity of Donald Trump's Russia dealings caused them to seek out a Russia specialist.

Opacity of Trump's Russia dealings drew Fusion GPS attention

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse talks with Rachel Maddow about Republican efforts to derail the Trump Russia investigation and how the release of the Fusion GPS transcript puts an end to the misleading narrative they were trying to construct.

Sen. Whitehouse: Dossier has held up well despite GOP attacks
bbqkink said @ 12:09am GMT on 11th Jan [Score:1 Funny]
bbqkink said @ 7:53pm GMT on 11th Jan
Has been working for Mueller since November but seeing as his investigation doesn't leak we are just finding out about it. And it also seem that the guy he called up was the guy who caught the original Guccifer

Marcel Lazăr Lehel, known as Guccifer, is a Romanian hacker responsible for a number of high-level computer security breaches in the U.S. and Romania

From hacking to botnets to unexplained server communications, Rachel Maddow looks at the cyber aspects of the Trump Russia scandal and indications of what Robert Mueller is looking at.
HoZay said @ 8:39pm GMT on 9th Jan
Keep waiting for comprehensive immigration reform or even DACA to actually happen.
bbqkink said @ 8:47pm GMT on 9th Jan
I think this was a big signal that DACA s going to happen, with money for "Border Security" attached to it. Pretty much what the Dems had proposed...The "Freedom" boys did not look to happy....I think this took them all by surprise. It sure did me.

It is in the far right's interest to not let this happen so what happens next is anybodies guess. I don't think the Whitehouse wants the shutdown fight so the are letting it pass, doubtful the Dems go to the mat over any of the other issues Chip and few others may be in big trouble.
bbqkink said @ 7:31pm GMT on 10th Jan
Ready for your "I told you so" yet...well what a difference a day makes.
HoZay said @ 9:10pm GMT on 10th Jan
That meeting was just Trump TV, a show to change the topic from That Book. And it worked, now everyone's talking about imaginary compromise, and whether his base is mad (they're not).
bbqkink said @ 11:19pm GMT on 10th Jan
Oh... Brietbart radio comments were openly hostile when they though he was going to make a deal...then came the wall tweet and everybody calmed down.
Ussmak said @ 12:10am GMT on 10th Jan
I'm sure you'll find something to complain about.
bbqkink said @ 12:51am GMT on 10th Jan
Not this time. No mater what his motives (show I'm not crazy) and despite the fact that he was on all sides of this at the same time. He brought together Congressional leaders and in what seemed a surprise to all started negotiations right on camera...Bravo Mr. Trump. He also didn't invite the hardliners.

And then abdicated his leadership role..."I'll do what they tell me to do" giving this a good chance to proceed. At the same time removing himself from the blame when the Government shuts down...best political day for Trump since he got there.
bbqkink said @ 4:39am GMT on 10th Jan
and... Now It's Different....

Should have known... Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

As I made very clear today, our country needs the security of the Wall on the Southern Border, which must be part of any DACA approval.
4:16 PM - 9 Jan 2018
bbqkink said @ 5:23pm GMT on 10th Jan
Then they even deleted the line about a clean DACA in the transcripts.

White House transcript fails to include line from Trump on clean DACA bill
bbqkink said[1] @ 1:09am GMT on 10th Jan
The other Big thing to happen here was Trump finally admitted the "Wall" well it ain't a wall per se More like a fence and some other stuff and like rivers did some of it and...that kind of wall sorta.

I think that is the first time he has admitted that.

conception said[1] @ 1:21am GMT on 10th Jan
On the flip side of this graphic, due to the drug trade, the waterways are pretty heavily monitored.

The more likely scenario -


...also because of the drug trade.
bbqkink said @ 1:23am GMT on 10th Jan [Score:3 Underrated]
I think the most likely route will be the same as it is now they fly into the airports get off the plane show the visa and just never go home.
Fish said @ 1:23pm GMT on 11th Jan
Despite what you hear on MSNBC, illegal immigration is wildly unpopular, especially under Hispanics.

Your own party's position was not much different from Trumps and not very long ago.TRANSCRIPT: Sen. Harry Reid’s Senate speech (September 20, 1993)

All polls show Americans want lower levels of immigration and want the borders secured. This includes a majority of Latinos, 65 percent of whom believe there are too many immigrants.
bbqkink said[1] @ 7:46pm GMT on 10th Jan
For years, Vladimir Putin’s government has
engaged in a relentless assault to undermine democracy and the
rule of law in Europe and the United States. Mr. Putin’s Kremlin
employs an asymmetric arsenal that includes military invasions,
cyberattacks, disinformation, support for fringe political groups,
and the weaponization of energy resources, organized crime, and
corruption. The Kremlin has refined the use of these tools over
time and these attacks have intensified in scale and complexity
across Europe. If the United States fails to work with urgency to
address this complex and growing threat, the regime in Moscow
will become further emboldened. It will continue to develop and re-
fine its arsenal to use on democracies around the world, including
against U.S. elections in 2018 and 2020.


bbqkink said @ 7:54pm GMT on 10th Jan
A federal judge in San Francisco on Tuesday temporarily blocked the Trump administration from ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that protects certain immigrants from deportation.

Judge blocks Trump move to end DACA
bbqkink said @ 8:00pm GMT on 10th Jan

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