random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

better sign up for a prepaid legal, you gonna need it - fz75

if you start running low on space remember you can stack them inside each other. - arrowhen

Please email all complaints to Saint_Marck@aol.com - Bleb

nothing kills the mood faster than a punch to the cunt - Bodnoirbabe

new KRAFT squeeze-away-cancer, in all your favorite flavors - symmetrian

keep it down and keep it dirty - moriati

terrorism I can sink my teeth into - Chop-Logik

ranging from oddly flattering to uncomfortably violating - Baxter_UK

you have become the mirror image of that which you despise - Nostrildamus

legally speaking, we're all sodomists anyway - Barnabas_Truman

stealing is a method of gain - arrowhen

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