random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

better sign up for a prepaid legal, you gonna need it - fz75

it's gonna be a huge weinerfest - Silent

shetland is teh hawt equine - leswilkerson

much like the push-up bra, we like to support boobies - Tirade

I'm here to split heads, not research my thesis - papango

it's a series of n00bs! - Chop-Logik

If they're old enough to climb Mt. Everest, they're old enough to suck my clit. - snowfox

if you show fear, a monkey will bully you - cb361

you do not get to nominate your own comments for taglines - b

real men don't need permission to fap - Supreme_Coconut

eventually, she asked to see Garrison's penis - monkeytooth

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