random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

head, shoulders heart and groin, HEART AND GROIN - symmetrian

I like face shooting, or punching if I'm Batman - papango

it's because of all the working hours and cocaine - eIfish

I love the smell of porno in the morning. Smells like... *fap* - spectre853

if it shouldn't go in the mouth, it shouldn't go in the body - ComposerNate

never underestimate a coconut - ckfahrenheit

my modesty gourd is bigger than his modesty gourd - robotroadkill

this should be a tagline - Trigger

I just leave a soul patch on the front. It's like having a little Hitler in my pants - snowfox

stroking should generally move from the edges ... to the middle - drunk

comedic sociopathy is what I do for a hobby - rndmnmbr

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